Announcemnets: July 4

Sign-up sheets for working at the booth are up today….in the Narthex. Please sign up.
Youth Needed to help sell pop, water, coffee, bars, freezies - and yes POPCORN!!! at the Fair and Chuckwagons. Youth/adults to work selling in the grandstand, making and bagging popcorn, or at the windows further details from Sherlane, at 780 875-7918 or email her
Fair July 14 to 17 Chuckwagon Finals August 19-22.
Fair Booth clean-ups are July 6th at 6:30 p.m. and July 7th at 1:00 p.m.
We need people to come out and help us get the booth “sparkling clean”!!! We are especially in need of volunteers for Tuesday evening. Sign up sheets are in the Narthex today or call Karen Ollen at 825-2976.
3. Grace Choir - 9:45 Sunday
4. Upcoming services:
July 11 – Pat Ribey leading worship
July 18 - Rev. Paul Duval – baptism
5. Some members of the congregation are allergic to scented products so please consider this when dressing for church.
6. Great News! We are on Facebook! Hopefully you will ‘like’ us and join the page. Announcements from the bulletin will be posted along with highlights from Sunday service and committee updates! ****We also have a Grace “BLOG” - check it out at /
7. Congregational Meeting:
June 7, 2010 a Congregational Meeting was held to appoint a ‘transitional team’ needed to look for and work with an ‘interim minister’ and to consider the recommendations from the Options for the Future Committee. At this meeting Shirley Aston, Heidi Potter, Darrel Howell and Brenda Ellison were appointed to the transitional team.
Ken Kay (chair of the Options Committee) reviewed the options for our church building with a recommendation to repair the current building. After much discussion –and several motions the final motion to build a new church on a new site accepting Musgrave’s offer of property was carried.
The complete minutes of the June 7th meeting are in the narthex or from the office. (they are in draft form until our next congregational meeting to accept them)
8. THESE DAYS – daily devotional booklet………
July/August/September edition is in. Please help yourself from the table in the Narthex. “These Days” are provided by the Church in Society Committee.
9. The United Church Observer
Observer list – to be updated June-July. If you are not receiving our church magazine and would like to please call the office 875-8959. We are on the family plan so pay all at once but a donation of $15.00 is appreciated.
10.Camp Whitney
Needed for the last week in July, Camp Nurse - must have current 1st Aide Certificate plus CPR, also kitchen help and help with crafts for the children, only qualification for these are willing hands and a love of children. Phone Diane Mabbott @ 780-875-9763 if you are interested.
11. Roots & Wings Regional Women’s Gathering 2010 October 22nd – 24th at the Nisku Inn and Conference Center. Sponsored by Alberta Northwest conference UCW. Application forms on the bulletin board or at the office.
12. If you have a family member or know of someone who is ill in hospital or at home, please call the office and let us know. We do not have access to this information unless you tell us. (We have no access to the forms you fill out at the hospital.)
13. Any prayer requests for the day, any joys or concerns you might have for yourself, someone you care about, this community, or the world will be raised up to God as our ‘prayers of the people’. Please write your requests for prayers on the board in the narthex indicating first names only for individuals.