Bulletin: August 22

Grace United Church August 22, 2010
God invites us to worship...
Life and Work of the Church Family
Lighting of the Christ Candle
Call to Worship:

One: We gather today, seeking the peace Christ gives.
We gather in spite of the many uncertainties and doubts we feel in our hearts and souls.
We gather, longing for the breath of God’s Spirit to give us courage and renewal.
All: Come, Christ Jesus, be our guest. Bless us through the power of your Spirit, enlighten us and give us the courage to live as your disciples each day.
HYMN: #409 VU Morning Has Broken
Prayer of Approach:
We gather this morning as God’s joyful people,
lifting our hearts and voices in song,
in prayer,
in praise.
We gather this morning as God’s thankful people, thankful for this place,
and the gift of this time,
and the gift of one another,
here to share our joys and burdens,
here to walk the road of faith together.
Come, and let us worship God. *by Bob Root from Gathering 2009
HYMN:#644 VU I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry
Sacrament of Baptism
The Purpose of Baptism:
(from 1 Corinthians 12)
As we come to this font of living water, let us recall the meaning of baptism. For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.
For by one Spirit, we are all baptized into one body and one Spirit. Now we are the body of Christ and individually members of it.
Scripture: Genesis 9: 8-13
Presentation of Family Members
Profession of Faith

1. In the presence of this community of faith, do you commit yourselves to follow in both your public and private life, the way to wholeness that Jesus taught? I do
2. Do you believe in God, source of love; In Jesus, God’s love lived out in human form; And in the Holy Spirit, love revealed?I do
3. Will you support the mission and ministry of the church? I will
4. Will you show your child the Christian life and grow with him in his faith? I will, God being my helper. As God-parents, will you pray for this child and take care so that he may learn and live the faith? I will, God being my helper.
Congregational Commitment: As a baptized and baptizing church, we commit ourselves to support and uphold you within the community of faith. May God grant us all the grace to live out our baptism.
Affirmation of Faith - VU p.918
Pouring of the Water and Prayer of Thanksgiving
Presentation of Certificate and Welcome

Choral Blessing (#214 MV)
May God’s Sheltering Wings
May God’s sheltering wings, her gathering wings protect you.
May God’s nurturing arms, her cradling arms bless you,
And hold you in her love, and hold you in her love.
The Scriptures speak to us...
Scriptures: Isaiah 58:9b-14 Psalm 71:1-6 VU page 789 Luke 13:10-17
Special Music:
#371 VU Open My Eyes, That I May See
God invites us to respond...
Dedication: VU #187 “We Give Our Thanks” x2
*words & music traditional song, Botswana
We give our thanks to God,
we give our thanks to God,
we give our thanks to God,
we give our thanks to God.
Offering Prayer: Ever generous God, out of our abundance we offer to you our gifts. Bless these gifts and give us the wisdom to use them wisely in our ministry within Grace Church and throughout the world. Amen
Prayers of the People
Lord’s Prayer #959 VU
God goes with us in our daily lives...
HYMN: #427 VU To Show by Touch and Word
Commissioning and Benediction
Choral Amen:
#974 VU 3X
Amen! Amen!
Hallelujah, amen!
Thank you to Rev. Gerald Wallace for assisting in worship today!

Mission Statement: In response to God’s call, we the congregation of Grace United Church understand our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all ages. Using the Bible as our guide, we are challenged to worship and praise and celebrate God’s love and accept God’s grace, learn God’s will, live in faith, and reach out in humble service in the community and the world.

Rev. Lyn Lamers – on medical leave
Pianist: Lois Sonnega
Organist: Linda Anderson
Music Director: Gladys Jack
Office Manager: Mary Laursen
Part-Time office – Wendy Chapelski – on medical leave
Envelope Secretary: Diane Davies
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