Bulletin: March 6, 2011

St. Andrew’s College Sunday
Worship leader today – Reverend Lorne Calvert
Words of Welcome and Announcements
Prayer: (sung, while seated)
Lord, Listen To Your Children Praying #400 VU
Call to Worship:

Minister:Some days feel like spring is not so far away.
Other days spring seems yet a distant dream.
But the sun rises higher, the days are longer,
the light has come. The geese will return and the crocus will bloom.
Spring, like resurrection, is inevitable.
All: In every season of earth
and in every season of our lives,
God is with us.
In every season, therefore, it is right to give God
Minister: So come, let us worship our God!
Hymn: Great Is Thy Faithfulness #288 VU
Prayer of Self-Examination
The Promise of God
A Time With the Young
Readings for the Day

Romans 12: 1-13
Luke 22: 24-27
Anthem “Forever Blest are They”
*G.F. Handel/Royal Stanton
Sermon “A Gaggle of Geese”
Rev. Lorne Calvert, Principal of St. Andrew’s College
Hymn: I, The Lord of Sea and Sky (Here I Am, Lord) #509 VU
Wesley’s Covenant Prayer:

Minister: Christ has many services to be done.
Some are easy, others are difficult.
Some bring honour, others bring reproach.
Some are suitable to our natural instincts and
temporal interests, others are contrary to both.
Minister: Yet the power to do all these things is give to
us in Christ,
who strengthens us.
All: I am no longer my own, but thine.
Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt.
Let me be employed by thee or laid aside for thee.
Let me be full, let me be empty.
Let me have all things, let me have nothing.
I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure
and disposal.
And now, O blessed God, thou art mine and I am
So be it.
And the covenant which I have made on earth
let it be ratified in heaven. Amen.
The Offering:

All: (sung) Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
Praise God all creatures high and low;
Give thanks to God in love made known;
Creator, Word and Spirit, One.
Anthem: “Come, O Jesus, Holy One”
*words & music by Robert G. Newton
(This communion liturgy was prepared by Patricia Steinbring, a current student at St. Andrew’s College and used in the St. Andrew’s Chapel on February 24, 2011.)
We Remember:
Minister: May God be with us.
All: God is here among us.
Minister: Let us open our oft closed hearts to God.
All: We open them to God and one another,
and to a creation that beckons us at every turn.
Minister: Let us give thanks to God.
All: It is right to give thanks and praise and shout for joy.
Minister: Source and Sustainer of life,
We gather at this table to offer thanks and taste afresh
all that is good.
All: We praise you that we are able to know your
presence in the simplicity of a winter day.
In our joy you come to us as a cup which
overflows, not a cup left with dregs; in our
need you are bread which miraculously never runs out and we able to be sustained as we journey on.
Minister: With all who live in your presence and care, we lift our voices to sing:
All: Holy, holy, holy vulnerable God, heaven and earth
are full of your glory! Hosanna in the highest. Blessed in the One who comes in the name of God. Hosanna in the highest.
Minister: On the night he spent with his closest friends, Jesus took an age-old tradition of his people and transformed it into something new.
He took bread, blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to those around him,
All: “Take, eat, remember me.”
Minister: Then he took the cup and said,
All: “Take, drink, remember me.”
Minister: In this act we remember the broken pieces within each of us and we pray to the day when we shall be made whole.
Come, let us share freely in the feast that God offers us so readily.
Breaking of Bread, Pouring of Wine:
The Distribution:
Post Communion Prayer:

All: Gentle God,
You come to us in the midst of creation, help us to recognize that you surround us with beauty and wonder. May the feelings engendered within our time together today sustain us as we head back into the world.
Let us go into the world to act justly, share fairly and to love you and friend and stranger all the moments of our days and nights.
All this we pray with longing and hope. Amen.

Closing Hymn: We Shall Go Out With Hope of Resurrection
#586 VU

Mission Statement: In response to God’s call, we the congregation of Grace United Church understand our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all ages. Using the Bible as our guide, we are challenged to worship and praise and celebrate God’s love and accept God’s grace, learn God’s will, live in faith, and reach out in humble service in the community and the world.
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Pianist: Lois Sonnega Office Manager: Mary Laursen
Organist: Linda Anderson Envelope Sec.: Diane Davies
(Medical Leave) Rev. Lyn Lamers
Caretaker: Joyce Dickson
Ministers Emeriti:
Harold Martin
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