Bulletin: April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Fifth Sunday in Lent
Liturgical Colour - Purple

God invites Us to worship...
The Pic Ups
Life and Work of the Church Family
Call to Worship:
Ezekiel had a vision of a valley full of dry bones.
We are longing for a vision of a valley not filled with snow as we see the water begin to drain away.
Saw those dry bones come to life as the Spirit of God moved among them.
When our spiritual live feel like dry bones in a dry valley, may God’s spirit rattle us until we feel it breathing within us.
We move ever closer to Good Friday and when the light of Christ was put out.
So we once again extinguish another Lenten Candle to remind us of the approaching darkness,
Extinguishing of Fifth Lenten Candle.
Prayer of Approach.

We come with joy for young lives joining your church, for parents promising to serve you as they raise their families, and for knowing your abiding love in sorrow and in joy. Help us in our work of worship we ask in the name of the Christ. Amen

Hymn: VU # 409 “Morning Has Broken”
Kidz Choir: “From The Morning”
*by Martin J. Nystom
“Stand Up And Sing”
*by Bob and Barbara Dawson
“Seven Times A Day”
*by Nancy Gordon and Paul Smith

Infant Baptism

The Service will follow as printed in the Insert.
The Children being received into the Church Today are:
Grady Spence Myers-Christiansen,
Son of Rebecca Myers & Barry Chrstiansen
Ashley Brock Kuzek,
Daughter of Anita and Lawrence Kuzek
Brodie Zander Poole,
son of Stephanie Quinlan and Cass Poole
Kamryn Heather Sturrock
daughter of Lannis and Chad Sturrock

Hymn: VU # 453 “Out of Deep, Unordered Water”

The Scriptures speak to us...
Ezekiel 37:1–14
Psalm 130 VU 853
John 11:1–45

Sermon: “Life on Dry Bones”

God Invites Us to Respond...

Hymn: VU #378 “Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart”

Offering, Invitation,
Choir Anthem: "Jesus Is My Lord"
*words Nancy Price & Don Besig; music Don Besig
MV # 187 “We Give Our Thanks”
We give our thanks to God (repeat 4 x)

Offertory Prayer
God goes with Us in our daily lives...
Prayers of the People, Silent Prayer & Lord’s (959)
Hymn: VU #375 “Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness”
Commissioning and Benediction:
Choral Blessing: “Walk with the Lord”

Mission Statement: In response to God’s call, we the congregation of Grace United Church understand our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all ages. Using the Bible as our guide, we are challenged to worship and praise and celebrate God’s love and accept God’s grace, learn God’s will, live in faith, and reach out in humble service in the community and the world.

Today the Rev. Karen Kuzek of Gilbert Plains, MB, grandmother of Ashley, will be participating in the baptism of her granddaughter.

Volunteer Staff Paid Staff
Music Director: Gladys Jack Interim Minister: Rev. Tom Sawyer
Pianist: Lois Sonnega Office Manager: Mary Laursen
Organists: Linda Anderson Envelope Sec.: Diane Davies
Irene Knowlson (Medical Leave) Rev. Lyn Lamers Caretaker: Joyce Dickson
Ministers Emeriti:
Harold Martin
Wilma Sharpe
Serving the Community The congregation