Bulletin: June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011
The Day of Pentecost

Thought for the Day Touched by Divine Love John of Ruysbroeck
The inward stirring and touching of God makes us hungry and yearning; for the Spirit of God hunts our spirit; and the more it touches it, the greater our hunger and our craving. And this is the life of love in its highest working, above reason and above understanding; for reason can here neither give nor take away from love, for our love is touched by Divine Love.
Source: The Christian Century (11.02.2010)

God invites us to worship...
Life and Work of the Church Family
Lighting of the Christ Candle
Call to Worship:

One: This is a good day!
Many: A day to remember the blessings in our lives,
One: A day to affirm the goodness of life
Many: To give thanks for the gift of life.
One: Come, celebrate the mystery of a new season
Many: A time of wind blowing through the church and all the earth.
One: Come celebrate the presence of the creator
Many: Known to us in the spirit that fills our community.
One: Open your hearts
Many: We are open to the song that rises up in us and draws us into the world. Amen

Hymn MV #142 Oh A Song Must Rise

Prayer of Approach (unison)
Your Spirit, God, works in our weakness
until we are aflame with your love and power.
Fill the hearts of your faithful with living fire,
That we may set the world ablaze;
Through Jesus Christ, to whom with you and the Spirit
Be honour and praise, now and forever. AMEN

Theme Conversation
Hymn MV# 48 I Can Feel You Near Me God.
The Scriptures speak to us...

Acts 2:1-21
Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
John 20:19-23
Anthem: “Wind of Change”
Words by Fred Kaan Music be Ron Klusmeier

Reflection: “Where is the Song in Your Heart?”

God invites us to respond...
Hymn: MV#154 Deep In Our Hearts
Presentation of Offerings
“Your Work, O God...............”
Your work, O God, needs many hands
To help you everywhere
And some there are who cannot serve
Unless our gifts we share.

Because we love you and your work,
Our offeri8ng now we make:
Be pleases to use it as you own,
We ask for Jesus’ sake.

Prayers of the People
God goes with us in our daily lives...
Hymn MV# 161 I Have Called You By Your Name
Commissioning and Benediction
Choral Blessing:
#964 VU “Go Now in Peace”
Go now in peace, go now in peace.
May the love of God surround you everywhere,
everywhere you may go.