Announcements: June 19, 2011

1. Come and enjoy a ‘coffee and fellowship’ time following worship (upper hall). The coffee you drink is Fair Trade Coffee supplied by Church in Society.
2. This Week:
***Call Loretta if you would like to set up an ‘energy healing’ appointment. 306-387-6601, Cell 780-808-1700
3. Bulletin announcements – please have them in by Wednesday for the following Sunday
4. Finance Committee meeting Monday, June 20, 2011 in the meeting room at 5:00 p.m.
5. Central Board will be meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22, 2011in the meeting room.
6. A heart-felt thank you to the Lloydminster Fish & Game Association for their donation of meat for our hamburger tacos on June 19th.
7. Congregational meeting following the service on Sunday, June 26, 2011for the purposes of receiving and discussing the results of the “every-family” consultation regarding the “Options for the Future” and affirming any congregational consensus that there may be regarding a preferred option.
8. Thank you to the youth for representing Grace United Church at the Streetscape Festival on Saturday, June 11. Fun was had selling nachos, cheese and beverages.
9. Bulletin announcements – please have them in by Wednesday for the following Sunday
10. Looking ahead: Worship leaders
June 26 – Rev. Tom Sawyer
July 3 – Ted Haas
July 10 – Rev. Tom Sawyer
July 17 – Joyce Dickson
July 24 – Rev. Tom Sawyer
July 31 – Joyce Dickson
10. Walk 4 justice will be passing through Lloydminster on July 14 and on to Onion Lake Pow Wow. They are resuming their walk July 17th and continuing through Maidstone and on to Ottawa. They are supported through each community they travel by people raising funds and providing basic life necessities. Church in Society is donating our monies raised from our Bannock Taco lunch on June 19th to support this worthy cause
11. Fair Booth: The Fair Booth Committee would like to remind you of these very important dates. July 13 to 16 -Colonial fair days and August 17 to 21 - Chuckwagon Finals. Volunteers are needed to phone members in regards to working in the Fair Booth. Please contact Karen Ollen 306-825-2976 if interested.
12. Dates for making pies will be Tuesday, June 7 - 9:00 a.m. as well as Saturday, June 11 – 10:00 a.m. Contact Barb Russell if able to help 780-875-6070.
Signup sheets are available in the Narthex.
13. Summer Fun at the Fair
Youth VOLUNTEERS needed to work in the grandstand.
- dates: July 13 – 16th – Shifts 5:30 to 8:30.
- ages 10 – 14. 12 and older get a gate pass.
- earn 10% of your grandstand sales.
- free meal after your shift.
For information or to register in advance call 780-875-7918 or e-mail –
14. United Church Women “Supply and Welfare” Update:
*Please save your postage stamps. These stamps are sent to the Leprosy Mission of Canada where stamp wholesalers pay $6.00 a pound for trimmed stamps. This fundraising helps make possible a cure for those suffering from leprosy. If you trim you stamps, please leave ¼ to ½ inch paper border around stamp (We accept untrimmed stamps as well).
*Please save your Campbell’s Soup labels. These labels are sent to the World Mission for the Deaf for education programs (books, computers, software, band and sports equipment). The Campbell’s Soup Company of Canada accept these labels only if we send the front label with bar code intact.
*Please save your used eye-glasses. The U.C.W. will pass them on to the Lion’s Club for recycling.
*Please save tabs from pop cans and used foil etc. These tabs are recycled to “Tabs for Tots” Diabetic Children, to assist them financially.
Used clothing (left over from our Garage Sale) will be sent to Malawi, Africa. These people have nothing! Each parcel costs our U.C.W. approximately $100.00. Any individual who wishes to donate to this specific cause will receive an official tax receipt.
15. Observer – Our United Church of Canada Magazine
Time to renew our group subscription – if you would like to receive the Observer please leave a message at the office. The group rate is $20.00 – we pay the entire bill, but if you would like to help mark your donation Observer.
16. Parcels for Malawi Project The Barry Pridham UCW Group packages up parcels of used clothing, diapers and squares to make blankets to send to 4 places in Malawi, Central Africa. We try to send 10 parcels each year.
The cost of postage is around $1,000.00 for 10 parcels and is increasing every year. We have been sending these parcels for many years along with the help of the General UCW and individual UCW groups. Each year it gets a little more difficult to generate the money needed to send our donation out to Malawi. Our group find ourselves searching for ways to earn enough. We would like to ask the Grace United Church Congregation for support of this important project. The church office will submit a receipt for the charitable donation to “Parcels for Malawi”. The Barry Pridham UCW Group thanks you for considering a donation. For more information, please call Cheryl Day at 306-825-3442.
17. July/August/September “These Days” The Daily Devotions booklet are in (also available in large prints). You can pick them up from the table in the Narthex. These Days are provided by Church in Society Committee.
18.Caring for our Church Family: Any prayer requests for the day, any joys or concerns you might have for yourself, someone you care about, this community, or the world will be raised up to God as our ‘prayers of the people’. Please write your requests for prayers on the board in the narthex.
19. Friendship & Visitation Committee ask that if you have a family member or know of someone who is ill in hospital or at home, please call the office and let us know. Rev. Tom and members of our Friendship and Visitation Committee would like to offer support with a visit, call or card but only have access to this information from you. (we have no access to the forms you fill out at the hospital)
20. Prayer Chain: If you would like someone remembered in prayer, please contact Helen Murdoch (875-2929) or leave the name on the collection plate or at the office (please indicate for prayer chain)
21. Western Women’s Conference 2011:
September 23rd to 25th or September 23rd to 27th – more details at