Bulletin: June 19, 2011


Passing the Peace
Lighting the Christ Candle

Call to Worship: Creator, We give thanks for the knowledge you give in all traditions of the world. Help us to honour the gifts of all traditions.
Congregational Response: Teach us to know how to love and to live.
We give thanks for new life, for youth represented by the eastern direction.
We give thanks for new learning, for the sun which rises to begin each new day and for the teachings of the peoples of the east, the yellow-skinned peoples
Congregational Response: Teach us to know how to love and to live.
We give thanks for the south, for the black-skinned peoples of the world,
For the growth of the summertime in our lives, the learning of our adult lives,
To be kind and accept ourselves, Teach us as parents to love and respect our children, to care for the elders and those who cannot care for themselves.
Congregational Response: Teach us to know how to love and to live.
We give thanks for the west, for the gifts of Aboriginal peoples of the world,
for understanding of care of the earth, for teachings about rocks, leaves, and trees,
for the knowledge we have in our own teachings, all of these given by our Creator.
Help us to use our understandings to bring joy and new life to our communities.
Congregational Response: Teach us to know how to love and to live.
We give thanks for the northern direction for the white-skinned peoples of the world,
and white haired peoples in our families and communities.
Help us to receive gifts of wisdom from all peoples. Help us to grow our roots deeper through life’s journey,that we may grow in kindness to ourselves and each other.
Congregational Response: Teach us to learn how to love and to live. Amen
From “The dancing Sun, Volume VII”

Hymn: Music tune VU#589 The gospel can with foreign tongue.

“The gospel came with foreign tongue disrupting all the ancient ways,
Beside the merchant and the gun, in search of profit, souls and slaves

With God we weep, lament, confess how holy zeal and bloodied hand
Reached out to kill and dispossess, proclaiming love and taking land.

How hard, today, to meet and share our need, suspicions, hopes and fears,
When some have ease, and food to spare, while others walk a trail of tears!

In hope we come, by grace reborn, as clashing stories still collide
To listen, pray and travel on, companions of the Crucified.
We tell our varied memories, assembled in our global room
That Christ may wash our histories, as thread for love’s eternal loom.

Children’s Time: Blanket exercise

Hymn: MV# 27 Creator God

We listen for God’s Word

Scripture Reading: 2 Cor. 13:11&13

Stand for re commitment: (In Unison) As an endorsement of
the UN declaration of the rights of Indigenous people, it is time to build a positive and productive relationship with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. Calling on the Government to protect indigenous people’s rights, including land rights, territories and resources, livelihoods, health and self determination. In the spirit of the treaties and the truth and reconciliation commission, we commit
ourselves to making right relationships with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoplein every part of Canada.

Genesis 1:1 -2:4a
Psalm 8 VU # 730

Anthem: “Love is the Touch”

Words by Alison M. Robertson Music by John LK. Bell
Message: Sisters in spirit
Hymn: VU #678 For the Healing of the Nations

We Respond In our Lives
Minute for Mission:
Presentation of Offerings

Offertory Hymn VU# 537 Your Work, O God, Needs Many Hands
Your work, O God, needs many hands
To help you everywhere
And some there are who cannot serve
Unless our gifts we share.

Because we love you and your work,
Our offering now we make:
Be pleases to use it as you own,
We ask for Jesus’ sake.

Offertory Prayer:
Prayer of the People:
The Lord’s Prayer:

Hymn: VU # 697 O for a World
Commissioning and Benediction:
Creator,We give thanks that you speak to us in our own ways, in our own traditions.
Thank you that you also speak through the traditions of others.
Help us to see your love in all things and to be guided with loving hearts to do that which is best in our homes and in our communities.

Choral Benediction: VU # 697” Go now in peace”
Go now in peace, go now in peace.
May the love of God Surround you everywhere.
everywhere you may go.

Mission Statement:
In response to God’s call, we the congregation of Grace United Church understand our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all ages. Using the Bible as our guide, we are challenged to worship and praise and celebrate God’s love and accept God’s grace, learn God’s will, live in faith, and reach out in humble service in the community and the world.