Bulletin: September 4, 2011

Grace United Church


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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Worship leader: Bob Smith

The Gathering of God’s People



L: We give thanks for the ministry you have given us in this community.

P: Thanks be to God.


L: We light this candle remembering that Jesus Christ is the

center of our worship.

P: Jesus said: “I am the light of the world.”

Introit: MV#156 “Dance with the Spirit”

Opening prayer:

We Gather to Worship

L: You are invited to the most amazing gathering imaginable!

P: What do we need to be included?

L: You are welcomed just as you are!

P: Will we be accepted if we are still learning about God’s ways?

L: Unlimited hospitality is God’s gift to all of us!

We sing God’s Praise: VU#326 “O for a Thousand Tongues”

We Turn to God in Prayer

All: Most gracious God, we bow before you this day,

recognizing our constant need of your presence in our

lives. In life, we are lost and void of compassion if your

presence is not with us. Come, be present in each heart

and life as we bow before you today. We know Your

Word tells us, “you will seek Me and find Me when you

will search for Me with all your heart.” Reach out with

your open arms and embrace us with your warmth and

presence, in Jesus Name we pray. AMEN.

Listening for God’s Message

We Sing God’s Praise: MV#104 Know that God is good

Know that God is love

Know that God is God

Children’s Time: Jeanne Smith

Today’s Scripture:

Psalms 34 VU#761

Luke 6: 43 – 49

James 3: 2 – 12

L: Hear what the spirit is saying.

P: Thanks be to God.


Hymn of Prayer: VU#371 “Open My Eyes, That I May See”

Today’s Message: “You are what you say”

Responding to the Good News

Sharing our Gifts: God knows our weaknesses and blesses us with

love just the same. Can we, as stewards, do any

less for others?

Offertory Hymn:

VU#537 “Your Work, O God....

Your work, O God, needs many hands

To help you everywhere.

And some there are who cannot serve

Unless our gifts we share.

Because we love you and your work,

Our offering now we make:

Be pleased to use it as your own,

We ask for Jesus’ sake.

Offertory Prayer: All: Accepting God, receive our gifts of

gratitude. We recognize we have such

abundance of hope and possibilities. May these

coins and bills be transformed into amazing

grace and radical love. Bless and empower us.

Prayers of the People:

Hymn: VU#424 “May the God of Hope Go With Us”

Commissioning and Benedictions: Numbers 6: 24-26

All: The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you

And be gracious to you;

The Lord turns His face toward you and gives you peace.

Choral Benediction: Amen

Amen! Amen!

Hallelujah, Amen


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