Annual Report 2011

Grace United Church Annual Report 2011

4708 50th Avenue, Lloydminster, Alberta   T9V 0W4 

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Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (closed noon hour)

      Volunteer Staff:                        Paid Staff

Music Director:      Gladys Jack                  Interim Minister: Rev. Tom Sawyer

Pianist:            Lois Sonnega            Congregation Assistant: Joyce Dickson

Organists:      Linda Anderson            Office Manager:  Mary Laursen

                  Irene Knowlson            Envelope Sec.:  Diane Davies

                                          Caretaker:  Joyce Dickson

                                          Office Assistant: Audrey Fournier

                                          Youth Worker: Amanda Weaver

Bereavement Ministry:            Joyce Carson

Ministers Emeriti:            Harold Martin

                              Wilma Sharpe

Serving the Community                  The congregation


In Memory:

                  Ethel Nickel                                    Eva Skoreko

                  Margaret Dumouchel                  Faye Squair

                  David Trelford                                    Robert Long

                  Tillie Serediak                                    Tony Wentworth

                  Glenn Orr                                             Gerald Pollard

                  Wasyl Nidish                                    Doris McIlwrick

                  Neil OIlson                                    Mary Lamon

                  Robert Leclerc                                    Edith Derkson

                  Marvel Gray                                    Jacob Born

                  Trevor Greenway                           Gordon Thiessen

                  Clarence Christiansen                  Peter Paziuk

                  Helen Murdoch                           Howard Catford




The year 2011 has been an eventful year for Grace United Church.  The Central Board and its Committees have stayed focused by starting each of their meetings with the Statement of Mission:

In response to God’s call, we the congregation of Grace United Church understand our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all ages.  Using the Bible as our guide, we are challenged to worship and praise and celebrate God’s love, and accept God’s grace, learn God’s will, live in faith, and reach out in humble service in the community and the world.

We have faced three major challenges:

  1. Changing the congregational conditions and operating style that have caused problems for the congregation, its ministers, and the relationships between them in recent years while carrying out a caring ministry to our congregation and community;

My efforts have been focused on the first challenge, while keeping in touch with and assisting those who have been working on the last two.

With the help of some Alban Institute material, we quickly discovered that Grace is not a pastoral-sized congregation where everything falls to the minister. Rather it is a program-sized congregation where the different programs, activities and ministries are carried out by others who must be ministered to and supported by the minister. There is room for diversity of theology, of outreach activity, and styles of worship and study.  I have only been available to lead two worship services a month so others have had an opportunity to experience worship leadership.   We have created a part-time lay ministry position filled by Joyce Dickson who is available four days a week while assisting with worship planning, Christian development, and community outreach including being active in the Lloydminster Ministerial. All of the committees are active, some needing more members and support, others functioning beautifully as they are.  Joyce Carson, a lay person not on staff, but a Presbytery licensed lay worship leader, has been carrying out a bereavement ministry for Grace. Mary Laursen has been the stable constant in all of this over many years, providing her dedication, faith and experience to all of us.

In the second area the congregation has made a decision to rebuild on its present location, preserving (so far as is practical) the existing sanctuary.  One of the temptations – as was seen in our three “D” event on January 7th and 8th -- would be to simply replace the existing facilities with newer ones designed for the same uses.  Experience shows that building today for 1960s or even 1980s approach to ministry would be a death knell for the congregation as current members die.  This means we have to take time to process how we can determine future needs for a changing demographic than what is currently in church, then design to meet those needs in addition to the needs of current members.

The final challenge is how to fund our activities.  Grace has people working on this, but it is in a very strong financial position.  With a major push to raise capital funds, the current proposed operating budget for 2012 is in deficit cash flow, but there are more than enough reserves to cover it.  Three special gifts were given in 2011. One is a legacy from David Jones that will net the congregation close to a million dollars.  The Legacy Committee, working with Kathryn Hoffley of the General Council staff, has developed a policy to be presented to the March, 2012 annual meeting to be approved.  The second and third gifts are from two families that have combined to obtain the house next door, across the lane to the west, for the church to use – first as temporary office and program space during re-construction, then for future use to be determined by the congregation. We are richly blessed by these generous gifts.

This report is longer than my usual annual reports, but it reflects major positive changes that are happening.  A new minister, called to be a team leader, should be in place on July 1st,, 2012. These challenges will continue through 2012 but the congregation now knows where it is heading and has an idea how it will get there.   I believe God has called Grace to a new vision of how to be the church, not just to its present members, but to the community and the region.  I can see it becoming something of “cathedral” church to all the small congregations within commuting distance on both sides of the border, sharing staff and facilities.  I can see part time people sharing expertise and time with the congregation and community agencies, for example in geriatric care, in low income housing projects, in drop-in centers (children, older adults, homeless people, etc.).  I can see it becoming a training centre for ministers in training. The possibilities are limited only by the power of members’ imagination and energy.

 I have been blessed to work with the staff and volunteers of Grace that has the potential to be “Great Grace.” May the Holy Spirit provide the needed energy as Grace advances into its new role in Lloydminster and area.

(Rev) Tom Sawyer

Greetings to you:

I began working in the office of the church on May 1 2011.  Well I am pleased to say that I have enjoyed my experience so far in my position.  I have had the opportunity to work closely with many people I only knew from a distance.  It has been an excellent experience as I enter into the role of a student in ministry.

I was a member of the Church in Society committee before beginning my new position.  I am still very involved with this and enjoy the work that committee is doing to raise awareness of social issues.  I am not a trained councilor but have had the opportunity to help out with outreach in our church.  Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them and offer a prayer.  This has been a rewarding and educational opportunity.

Christian Development has been a big part of my job at Grace.  I was the director of a very successful Vacation Bible School.  Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who spent a week being wild in the jungle with pandamania!  Some of the youth and children of the church participated in a wonderful play for the Christmas Eve early service.  I believe everyone enjoyed their opportunity to be involved.  I thank all who helped make it a success.

I help out with worship committee.  My role there is to schedule pulpit supply and assist wherever my services can be helpful.  I have been a worship leader once or twice a month and have enjoyed preparing the worship service for the congregation. 

I sit in on some of the UCW meetings as a staff person. I have enjoyed the coffee and conversation and enjoy the ongoing friendships and the work that the units so tirelessly do. I also attend the Ministerial meetings on behalf of our congregation.  They meet every Thursday and have quarterly meetings which are attended by a larger group.  There has been some great cooperation come from these meetings and an awareness of the issues that are of concern to the entire community.  I have also sat on the “Homes for All” initiative.   This is a small group that has evolved from the issue of homelessness.  I sit on the board of the Men’s shelter and enjoy participating in this worthy cause.  I participate in the Network which is a group of professionals that meet once a month at the Midwest Family Connections.  We build better communications between human service organizations and have found the meetings useful to become aware of the services our city has to offer. 

I will be a student for the next 4 or 5 years and hope to remain in the community while I do my studies, but accepting the call to ministry there is no telling where God will lead me.  I will be a faithful follower and go where I am needed.  Thanks to everyone for an awesome opportunity to learn firsthand what is required of me in the ministerial role. 

Blessings, Joyce Dickson

Central Board Report 2011

Rev. Tom Sawyer formally began his work as Interim Minister with Grace United in January 2011.  His interpersonal skills and his wealth of experience in ministry in the United Church have contributed much to a renewed spirit at Central Board and at Grace.  Committee chairs and representatives as well as other members of Central Board are complimented and thanked for their regular attendance and the positive manner in which they participated in the discussions and decisions of the Board.  The chair is particularly appreciative of the support and assistance provided by the vice-chair, past-chair and secretary of the Board.

“Options for the Future” were a major focus of Central Board and the congregation early in 2011.  The “Options for the Future” Committee hosted an information meeting on April 26 at which its consultants, Bexson Construction, provided information related to two “new church” options; a new church on a new site elsewhere in Lloydminster and a re-development on the current site that would retain the current sanctuary but see most of the rest of the structure replaced.

To ensure the greatest possible involvement in choosing amongst the options (a third renovation option was also considered), Central Board initiated a series of information/discussion forums followed by an “every family” telephone survey. Twenty-five volunteers conducted the structured survey in early June with the results being presented to the congregation at a special meeting on June 26.  

Of the 264 people who were contacted and who offered an opinion, 53% preferred re-development on the current site; 24% felt building a new church on a different site was the best option while 23% expressed a preference for the “renovation option”. While the numbers certainly don’t reflect unanimity, it was heartening that nearly everyone polled was willing to go along with the preference of the majority, whatever that preference would be.  On June 26, the congregation passed a motion directing its leadership to focus its future efforts on the re-development option.  With a preferred option now decided upon, the fund raising committee could begin its work in earnest.

Deciding upon just what kinds of space should be created in a “new” facility is not an easy or simple task and depends on what kind of future church we want to be.  To this end, a weekend event is planned for early January 2012

Joining the leadership team at Grace during the year were Joyce Dickson and Amanda Weaver.  Ms. Dickson, a member of the congregation and a candidate for Lay Worship Leader in the UCC, is providing ministry support to Rev. Sawyer and the congregation while Ms. Weaver is leading the church’s youth group.

The other major initiative in 2011 was the formation of a Joint Needs Assessment Committee – the preliminary step in the eventual call of a new minister.  It is anticipated that this call will coincide with the end of Rev. Sawyer’s Interim Ministry at Grace on June 30, 2012.

It has been my honor and privilege to be the Chair of Central Board for the past two years.   Grace is a wonderful church family and I look forward with optimism to the year ahead as we make plans for a new church facility and the welcoming of a new minister to Grace.

Submitted by Morris Smith, Chair, Central Board.

“Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 10.  All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the B.S. is done.”



Annual Report for 2011

This past year turned out to be a rather busy one for the Trustees.  Much of it was related to defining and understanding the duties of the Trustees and then carrying out those duties.  We found that the interpretation of the “Trusts of Model Deed” was difficult and the writer actually conferred with a lawyer to ensure compliance with the policy.  Basically, the Trustees hold title to all Church property on behalf of the United Church of Canada.  We also are required to manage the investment of any Church funds with the guiding principle being that we act as a “prudent” investor.

On July 29th, 2010, Grace United Church was advised that we were named a “residual beneficiary” of the estate of David Price Jones.  As Trustees, we have been working with the “CIBC Trust Corporation’ in matters related to the estate.  On July 13th, 2011, we received a  cheque and letter advising us that an interim capital distribution of our 25% share was being made.  Upon receipt of this cheque, the funds were deposited in an investment savings account which would yield us a maximum return over the mandated 16 month term

As a result of this rather large bequest made to our Church, we made contact with the United Church of Canada regarding wills and estates.  We were fortunate to have Kathryn Hofley, Financial Development Officer visit us on March 14th and again on October 25th to help us deal with bequests and other donations.  It was because of her suggestion that we decided that a Legacy Gifts Policy needs to be established.  This was underway at year end.

The Trustees held four meetings during the year plus two of which were in the form of a conference call made to Toronto, one with Kathryn Hofley and the second one with Kathryn and Erik Mathiesen, Program Coordinator, Mission through Finance.  Their assistance was requested regarding the establishment of a legacy policy, and, how best to invest funds that are being designated to go to a building fund.       

We continue to review and sign off on security checks that are done on any adults that are working with youth.  At year end, our Board was comprised of ten members with Bill Luchynski continuing as Chair.

Respectfully submitted,

Vic Juba, Secretary



Christian Development Committee 2011

Our committee held meetings after church on the last Sunday of the month.

From the beginning of January through to May we had between 10-15 children take part in our Sunday school. We used the “Whole People of God” curriculum. Our committee members and some other talented parents and congregational members taught the lessons.

We greeted and made coffee during February.

During Lent the Sunday school children collected coins and we donated the money to the Mission & Service fund. Some of our Youth attended the Youth Rally in March in Fort Saskatchewan.

At the end of May we had Celebration Sunday where we honored our Grade 3’s with the presentation of Bibles. We had fun, food and games and gifts and certificates for the children.

Our committee lost a valued member when the Rogers family moved to Grande Prairie in April. Lorena was very dedicated to our committee and the Sunday school children.

During the week of August 15 – 19 Joyce Dickson and a talented group of youth and adults put on a Vacation Bible School. There were 43 children take part in a great number of activities. Our committee agreed that this event be an annual one. Thanks to everyone who helped make this week a success.

Two of our Youth attended “Rendezvous 2011” and shared slides and videos during the worship service on September 18th. It is great to have our young people take part in the worship service.

We began our Sunday school with registration and a mac & cheese/hot dog lunch. Our committee members continue to teach with the help of some parents/grandparents and members of the congregation.

In October we held a Fall Family Fun Event in lieu of the cancelled Youth Rally. We had three workshops, a potluck supper and a family dance that was enjoyed by all who attended.

On November 21 we put on a craft afternoon for the children to make Christmas crafts and we sold them after church on Sunday in December. The proceeds from the craft sales went to our sponsored child “Marta”.

Our committee was responsible for decorating the Upper Hall for the Christmas season. Thanks to our members for making the Hall look so festive.

Our committee was a part of the Wassail party.

Joyce Dickson, the Youth and Sunday school children put on the play “Baa Baa Bethlehem” during the early Christmas Eve service. This service was held at 3:00 p.m. for the first time rather than at 6:30 p.m. as in previous years.

We had some small calendars printed up with the church address and the Sunday school time on them. They are available at the office for a small charge.

We are a small committee in numbers but a HUGE committee in dedication and devotion to the members of our church community, especially the children and youth.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Coulter                                                                                                                                                                                   


Members: Cheryl Ross, Erica Henniffent, Pat Ribey, Joyce Dickson

The Mission and Service Fund. You’ll find the Mission and Service Fund 2011 contributions in its own Annual Report.  Thank you for your generosity in supporting this fund, a fund active for more than 80 years to unite people of all United Church congregations in the vision of supporting mission at home and abroad. Thanks to the scripture readers and worship leaders for ensuring Minutes for Mission is read and heard twice every month at Sunday Worship.

Greeting and coffee in March, M& S luncheon March 27. thanks to those individuals who assisted/donated food.

Fair Trade products: Fair Trade Coffee for lunch after worship. Fair Trade olive oil from Palestine sold

National Aboriginal Sunday Worship June 19. Lunch proceeds

$ 280.00 to the Walk4Justice event. Served supper to the participants of this event on July 17.

National Addictions Worship Nov. 13. Thanks to guest speakers, we learned more about addictions and programs available in our city and the new Thorpe facility. Lunch donations were given to Avery School programs. We mailed 6 kilos of seed (seeds mainly donated by Peavey Mart), the cost of shipping to Belgium thanks to generosity of Grace members.

“Song of Faith:” 50 copies completed, placed in the pews.

Letter of resignation from Pat Ribey, accepted with regret. We are encouraged to learn that some individuals are interested in joining this committee.

Submitted for the Church in Society by Pat Ribey


Mission and Service Fund total raised 2011   $ 35, 808.91

(Pledge 2011 $ 36, 500.00)

Appeal to the Horn of Africa                    $ 3535.00 

Thank you for your spirit of generosity towards mission and service of the United Church of Canada in our country and in 37 countries abroad.

Thank you to all the scripture readers who read Minutes for Mission at Sunday Worship. This helps to put a face on the individuals and groups we offer care with our money. Jesus said each time we share food, clothing, or visit someone in need, we serve him ( Matthew 25). Each project we support is really about showing our love, hope and strength with other human beings in their daily living. Thank you.  

 Communications Committee Report 2011

Several “communications-related activities” are defined in the church’s Manual of Administration as being the responsibility of this Committee.  They include responsibility for the church archives; the production of a newsletter; responsibility for the church’s website and working with the local media to inform the wide community of happenings at Grace.

Edith Cunningham has been faithfully compiling and preserving the “history” of our congregation for many years.  Dorothy Sandercock has assumed responsibility for the church’s website, while Linda Chambers continues her fine production work on the “Grace News” newsletter.

A email account and “address book” have been created to further facilitate communication (and reduce the cost of newsletter mailings!)  Currently it has 154 listings in its address book and more are welcome!   It is anticipated that more and more church news will be disseminated by email, complimenting the newsletter and weekly church bulletin.

Three “Grace News” newsletters and two special newsletters were circulated to the approximately 470 households in the Grace family in 2011 – approximately150 via email and the balance by “hand delivery” or regular post.

Using the local media outlets to communicate information to the congregation and wider community with respect to church activities is properly left to those leading those activities.  The Fund Raising Committee’s first ever media conference and the Time and Talent Committee’s promotion of the T and T Auction are good examples of positive communication initiatives taken by particular groups in the congregation.

In lieu of an established “committee” in 2011, it fell to Central Board to support communications efforts.  It is hoped that a Communications Committee can be formed in 2012 to support this increasingly important church function.



For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, Ephesians 2:10

The Friendship & Visitation Committee assists in the ministry at Grace United by visiting Church family members who are hospitalized, shut-ins, and ones who live in retirement homes or nursing homes.  As we visit we learn about the lives of others and share many laughs and tears.  Thanks to Tami Kappel, we now have personalized visitor cards to leave as we visit.

Our committee attempts to convey God's love through the delivery of prayer shawls to those who are coping with difficulties in their lives, or the loss of a loved one.  We feel that this gesture of love serves as an ongoing reminder of the warmth and support of our Church.   We thank those who have donated and continue to donate the shawls.

Carol Bugiak sends happy cards for special Birthdays and Anniversaries of our more senior members.   Our committee is usually represented at functions to celebrate these milestones.

In lieu of summer committee meetings we planned an outing to Kathy's Greenhouse.  We picked up a few shut-in Church family members, and we all enjoyed the country drive, a good visit, a tour of the Greenhouse, and coffee and goodies.

The Poinsettia project is planned each year by our committee.  After serving as decorations for Christmas Church events and, services, the plants are delivered to bereaved families.  This year plants were also given to Baptismal families.  Thank you to all who helped with the delivery of the poinsettias and to those who donated money toward this project/

We would encourage everyone to let our committee know if someone needs a visit or is in hospital.  We do appreciate the Pastoral care given by all members of our Church.  The Get Well cards sent out by Pat Smith and her helpers, hospital and nursing home visits,  participation at Church services in lodges and nursing homes and so many other acts of kindness.  It is with all of us working together that we carry out God's work in our Church community.

Irene Herring, Secretary



The Ministry and Personal Committee is a confidential, consultative body that supports the ministry personnel, the employees of the church and volunteer leaders within the church.  The M&P Committee has the dual role of being consultative and supportive.  M&P strives to build positive, trusting relationships with the ministry personnel, staff and congregation of Grace United Church.  Our aim is to be the forum for your suggestion, comments and concerns. Please feel free to contact any of the M&P Committee in person, by phone or in writing. 

The M&P Committee  is responsible for consulting all the ministry personal and staff regarding continuing education plans and needs, vacation scheduling, and make recommendations to the board to insure that time and money are made available as well as temporary replacements as required.

We were very pleased in January to welcome Rev. Tom Sawyer as our interim minister.  

 The M&P Committee holds monthly meetings usually the second Thursday of the month at 9:30 AM.

The members of our M&P Committee are:

            Donna Arie, Chair                        Joan Ellis, Secretary                                                                                                               

            John Vinek                                    Don Boyce

            Shea Kelly

Respectfully submitted by

Donna Arie

              “Pastor is on vacation.  Massages can be given to church secretary”           



Annual Report for 2011

Our Committee is comprised of nine dedicated members.  Early in the year, Ted Ducker resigned from the Committee, and in his role as Chair, and his position was filled by Alan Anderson.  This vacancy was not replaced since we felt we had an adequate number of people on our Committee.

Since the Congregation have decided to proceed with a major build and renovation of our Church, our Committee felt that we would only carry out those repairs that we felt were essential.  For example, we did not do any work on the infamous roof leaks because we believe that our problems were traced back to a plugged roof drain.  We will either prove or disprove this in our coming year.  In the meantime, if necessary, we will continue with our catch basins, pots, pails, tubs or whatever.

Once again, because of a proliferation of keys held by unknown people, we re-keyed all the outside door locks.  In the same vein, we installed an electric door lock and an intercom system, on the east door, to provide some security to the office staff.  Unfortunately, we seem to continue to encounter an inordinate amount of system failures.

Other improvements made during the year include installing a catch pan under the kitchen stove, placing carbon monoxide monitors in the Kitchen and by the Boiler Room, purchasing two air purifiers to be used in the Administration Office and the Choir Room, and having Kondro Electric replace the burnt-out light bulbs in the Sanctuary.  Sadly, someone chose to put graffiti on the north wall of the Upper Hall so we had our Handyman paint it over.

We continued to rent ten parking spots from Streetscapes to help alleviate some of our parking problems.   

For 2012, we intend to install drop cords on our lights in the Sanctuary which will make it easier to service these lights and hopefully, we will improve the lighting and extend the service life of the bulbs.

Respectfully submitted,

Vic Juba, Committee Secretary



Worship Committee Annual Report 2011


The Worship Committee consists of Ethel Smith, Jeanette Kile, Gladys Jack, Lyle and Diane Mabbott, Alexis Reiber, Len and Ev Long, Rev. Tom Sawyer and Joyce Dickson.

We started off 2011 by welcoming Rev. Tom Sawyer as our interim minister. As Tom is half time we were busy with pulpit supply. Thanks to Lyle and Diane this has been very successful, including a March 6 serve by Rev. Lorne Clavert representing St. Andrew’s College.

We supported Joyce Carson’s application for lay worship leader.  With Rev. Tom’s leadership and encouragement we held a very successful Maundy Service and Seder meal followed by a potluck supper.

A Coventing Service for Tom Sawyer was held on March 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm followed by a potluck supper.

We purchased 10 new hymnbooks for DCECC – to show appreciation for the members of Grace United Church who serve there every Sunday.

In April, Rev. Tom suggested a part-time staff minister’s assistant position of 30 hours. He further recommended Joyce Dickson be appointed as she is resuming her Discernment.  This has been helpful and successful. Joyce now looks after pulpit supply, communion helpers among her other duties.

At Tom’s suggestion we started a new tradition of handing out gladiola bulbs on Easter Sunday.  The bulbs represent new and renewed growth.

We cared on with the food pantry until the end of April. Special thanks to Marnie Reiber, and Lyle and Diane Mabbott for all their hard work on this project.

Joyce Dickson, who is working with the Salvation Army to form a Community Food Bank.  She is also coordinating bag lunches and emergency supplies that can be distributed through our church.

Joyce, also, organized a very successful Vacation Bible School on August 15 to 19, 2011.

Kris Mitchell and Greg Weaver attended a youth conference called Rendezvous in Ottawa, Ontario in the fall.

We invited the Legion to participate in the Peace Service in November 2011.

Morris Smith, Len and Ev Long and Rev. Tom attended a seminar in Edmonton on faith and politics. This resulted in setting up a seminar in Lloydminster in January called Heart, Soul and Mind.

We reviewed the wedding and funeral policies with minor updating.

The Wassail party and 2 Christmas Eve services was well received and attended.  Thank you to everyone that preformed and helped organize these special services.

There are many people involved in organizing a Sunday service.  Special thanks to Gladys Jack, who leads the choir and bells.  Brenda Ellison and the Pick Ups. Willeen Boyce and Fran Lundquist for preparing communion bread and grape juice.  Office Staff who print the order of service. Greeters and coffee makers who make everyone feel welcome. Your efforts are appreciated!!

Submitted by Chair Len Long, Worship Committee


2011 Statistics:  Baptist – 17, Funeral and memorial services – 25, Weddings – 5, Members removed by certificate of transfer – 1, Members received by transfer – 1, Members by profession of faith – 0, Members removed by death – 5.


Music Ministry

2011—another year of celebrating God’s presence through music—the people helping to do this were—the Congregation, Kidz Sing, Youth with special talents, Grace and Celebration Ringers,Grace Choir, the Pic Ups and Pat’s Drumming.

  • Grace Choir

Prepared a Lenten Meditation through music.

Presented a concert along with other talent in June.

Sang at funerals.

Prepared music for the “ Music of Christmas”.

Extra music for Advent/ Christmas season.

Worship Services—one or two anthems each Sunday.

  • Kidz Sing

Under the direction of Jeanne Smith and husband Bob as helper.

Presented music for the worship service.

Took part in the” Music of Christmas.”

Enjoyed practices Monday nights at 6: 30.

They enjoy lively singing.

They plan on singing several numbers with Grace Choir in the new year.

  • Youth

Individuals have prepared and presented special music for Worship Services and special events.

Have helped Grace Choir with instrumentation etc.

Some youth play instruments/sing with the Pic Ups

  • Celebration and Grace Ringers

Rehearse on Mondays 1:30/ 7:30.                                  

Prepared music for a Lenten Meditation.

Have played several concerts.

Took part in the “Music of Christmas.”

  • Drumming

Pat continues to share the art of drumming with so many groups at Grace , in the community and beyond.

  • Pic Ups

A fun musical group(any age) led by Brenda Ellison—who meet on Sunday mornings for a quick practice,

then lead in a sing-a-long before the service

The above is some of what happens musically at Grace Church.

Thank you to all who have in anyway been part of the music program.

A special thanks to Linda Anderson,Lois Sonnega,Irene Knowlson and Bob Smith for their gift of music

as pianist/organist.

Music is universal—it inspires us,it reaches out to us,it fills our souls,it strengthens our faith.

Submitted by Gladys Jack

Music DirectorMonday, February 27, 2012                       



This has been a busy year for our Presbytery with many changes in Pastoral Relations and many Congregations without paid ministry.   Work has begun to help Pastoral Charges who are unable to sustain full time ministry to look at realigning boundaries and working together in new ways.  At present there are five Pastoral Charges vacant and two more will be by June, 2012.  These places all need Pastoral Charge supervisors and Presbytery persons on their Joint Needs Assessment and Search committees.  This means the ministers  and lay reps  have a bigger load of Presbytery work than is usual.

We  have two members-at-large from our congregation - Shirley Aston is the Archivist for the Presbytery and Ethel Smith is the treasurer.

Our congregation can and should have three Presbytery reps - so if anyone would care to find out more about what it entails please speak to me or our nomination and support committee -we need you and it is most interesting to learn more about our wider church.

Diane Davies


Church sign:  Jesus Saves! Safeway sign across the street:  Safeway saves you more!



The Stewardship committee continues to help the Grace family better understand the monetary and service needs of the congregation and the wider church so that each person will appreciate the importance of sharing their gifts and talents with others.

One of our largest tasks involved working with the Trustees to draft a Legacy Giving Policy.  The Policy addresses Legacy Giving, the purpose of a Legacy Fund, allocation of responsibilities, investment, establishing a Legacy Gifts Committee, and the disbursements of funds.  The document will be presented for approval at the Annual Meeting.

Kathryn Hofley Financial Development Officer, United Church of Canada, was invited to make an informative presentation on Planned Giving on October 25th.  Kathryn’s knowledge and her natural energy made the presentation a success.

The Stewardship Committee continues to advocate Pre-authorized Remittance and we support and assist the Capital Fund Raising for our building project.

The Stewardship committee is a small committee consisting of Marilyn Young and John Mitio.

Submitted by

John Mitio

United Church Women

2011 has come to its conclusion and we look back on another busy year.

Our garage sales were each extended by one day this year, resulting in an increase in revenue, as well as an increased participation from the congregation and more fun and fellowship!

“Lunch With the Bunch” was enjoyed in September.  It was a fun event and gave us all the opportunity to celebrate another birthday for “our Wilma”

We are looking forward to 2012 with excitement and anticipation as UCW celebrates our 50th Anniversary. There will be some special events – so keep watching for those!

I want to thank our executive and members for their unflagging support to me and to each other, and to our friends in the congregation and community for upholding us in prayer and for assisting in so many ways.

May 2012 bring you all love, hope and joy!

Respectfully submitted

Elizabeth A. Davidson, Chairperson


Happy New Year Wish

My Happy New Year Wish for you

Is for your best year yet,

A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish

The past year’s memories,

And live your life each new day,

Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday

With happiness galore;

And when it’s done, I wish you

Happy New Year, and many more.

By Joanna Fuchs


Grace United Church