Building Project Update

Building Project Update

There have been a number of conference calls, meetings and discussions since the January weekend 3D event that was facilitated by Rev. Joel den Haan and

Rev. Diane Strickland. In their written report following the event, they made four recommendations for further consideration by Central Board.

Making certain that our new facility is consistent with our vision of what it means to be a Christian church in the 21st century was their primary recommendation. To illustrate, some new church facilities in urban centres are partnerships between the congregation and organizations with compatible objectives. The advise to “build a church for 2025 not 1985” was not lost on the people who attended the January event.

Rev. Paul DuVal, Conference resource staff member, facilitated a meeting in March at which the importance of Lloydminster-specific “Environics” data was related to the mission of Grace United Church. Anyone who is interested in learning more about this information or would like to participate in these discussions is welcome to attend a follow up meeting. No date/time for this meeting has been set.

At the congregational annual meeting, the concept of a new, broadly representative committee with overall leadership responsibility for this project was endorsed. It has been dubbed the “D and D” Committee taking its name from the “Define and Design” 3D event held in January. Central Board will be asked to approve the mandate and operation of this committee at its April meeting.

Laying the groundwork for future construction is proceeding even though the eventual design of the new building is far from finalized. For example, structural, mechanical and electrical information is being gathered and will be forwarded to architectural firms who may be interested in working with our congregation. Conversations have occurred with officials with the City of Lloydminster and with key people familiar with the local construction scene.

And of course, the Fund Raising Committee continues its work to make certain that the funds will be available to make the project “a go”.

It is our hope that by early summer, we will know if the required funds can be raised and whether there are community organizations that might be project partners. Preliminary design work could begin in the
fall. IF no serious setbacks occur, a 2013 construction start-date is not impossible.

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