Way to Go Music Festival Participants!

On behalf of the whole congregation - The Friendship and Visitation Committee of Grace United Church are more than thrilled to congratulate all the participants of the music festival from GUC. We know there will have been many in bands and chorus's that we have not named here. If we have missed others, we apologize in advance (please add anyone else in the comments!).
Individual participants from GUC included Jessica Hines, Aiden and Cael McLennan, Brooke and Paige Jory, Olivia Mann, Kennedy Topott, Madison Oberg, Toshi and Takeo Uyesugi, Kate and Josh Sandercock, Kaitlin MacWilliam, Kristin Booth, Serena Robinson, Chloe MacDonald, Greg Weaver, Brenda Ellison with the LCHS Choir plus all the school bands! These, and all participants showed a very high level of excellence and are be commended! Several kids received awards including Serena Robinson who will be going to provincials! Kate Sandercock won the Harris Electric Open Vocal Award, Josh Sandercock an award for highest percussion mark. Cael, Greg and Josh's percussion ensemble lead by Bruce Landmark also won an award! Kennedy Toppot and Kaitlin MacWilliams also won awards for their piano playing.

Grace United Church