Ron Klusmeier's Tour of a Lifetime – stops at Grace!!

Ron Klusmeier's Tour of a Lifetime – stops at Grace!!

It probably is not exaggerating to say that Ron Klusmeier has had more impact on the music of our church in the past couple of generations than anyone else.  He has worked with nearly 2,000 churches and composed over 500 hymn tunes, many of which are published in the hymnbooks of major Christian denominations in North America. 

As he prepares to retire after a 41-year ministry career, he has embarked on one final tour on behalf of Canadian Food Grains Bank, raising funds for and awareness of world hunger.  Christina, his life and career partner, tours with him presenting workshops on her field of expertise – effective use of technology in the context of worship.  Ron also conducts music workshops the afternoon prior to each concert.

Ron and Christina will be making a tour stop at Grace United Church on Tuesday, September 25.  More information can be found on our church website or by contacting the church office at (780) 875-8959.  Space is limited so get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.

The workshop schedule for the tour stop at Grace United is as follows:

Music Workshop from 4 – 6 pm.              Free with your concert ticket but you must register in advance by calling (780) 875-8959.

Mass Choir Practice at 6 pm.            Open to anyone who has purchased a concert ticket.

Technology Workshop from 4 – 6 pm.  Cost of the workshop is $30 per person. 

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