Emergency Response: Typhoon Haiyan

Emergency Response: Typhoon Haiyan
The government of Canada will match donations made for relief efforts from the Typhoon that hit the Eastern and South regions of the Philippines and other parts of the country.
You can make a donation directly to the United Church General Council office in Toronto online through the National United Church Website, or through our local congregation.  Please have your cheques into the church by Dec. 1 so we can forward  them to Toronto in time to have matching government monies.
Please write Typhoon Haiyan relief on  your cheque and make it out to United Church of Canada.  
Donations by phone, call 1-800-268-3781.
Pray for our Filipino brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods. Pray for those who provide emergency services to provide food, shelter, and medical care as well as other aid.  
Pray for everyone on earth that this should not shake their faith.  Help us to recognize that their suffering is our suffering and that God's love can be in the darkest places  Allow us to see how all of humanity is bound inextricably together, even as we seek truth in different languages, faiths, cultures, and traditions.
Epiphany Explorations
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A great opportunity for church leaders wanting to collect some fresh ideas and new inspiration. First-Metropolitan United Church Victoria January 16-20, 2014
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