Sunday, March 3, 2013 Lent 3

God invites Us to worship

Musical Prelude


Life and Work of the Church Family

Lighting the Christ Candle

Extinguishing the Lenten Candle

Passing the Peace

Hymn:  VU #299 “Teach me, God, to Wonder”

Call to Worship:

L.  We gather in this place at this time, we seek God

P. Whose ways are not our ways, whose thoughts are not our thoughts,

L.  I invite you to be in God’s presence, to be open to God’s spirit.

P.  We will be open; we will be.  Amen

Prayer of Approach:

Compassionate and Merciful God- we call upon you this day with wonder at the extent of your love, grateful for your presence with us in our daily living.  We come knowing you welcome us as we are: persons who know both good and bad influences,

effects, and choices.  We come desiring to be closer to you - we ask that you answer us and help us to walk closer with thee.  Bless our worship and our prayer and our song - that you may be glorified and that we may be strengthened - we ask it in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord- Amen. 

Assurance of Love

Hymn: MV #79 “Spirit, Open My Heart”

Kidz Praise:  “I Wonder How It Felt”

                      Words by William and Gloria Gaither

                                           Music by William Gaither

Children’s Time: The things that help us grow

The Scriptures speak to us


         Isaiah 55:1-9        

         Psalm 63:1-8 VU # pg. 781

         1 Corinthians 10:1-13



Choir Anthem:  “God Weeps” 

                               Words. Shirley Erena Murray

                                Music Jim Strathdee

Hymn:  VU# 229 “God of the Sparrow”

God Invites Us to Respond


Offering, Invitation,

Offertory Response:

    We give you but your own.

    What e’er the gift may be;

    All that we have is yours alone

    We give it gratefully

 Offertory Prayer

  Pastoral and Silent & Lord’s Prayer

Hymn:  MV# 154 “Deep in Our Heart”

God Goes with Us in Our Daily Lives

Commissioning and Benediction;

Choral Benediction:

                  Amen x3



Next Weeks Lectionary Readings -  March 10

Joshua 5:9-12

Psalm 32

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Luke 15: 1-3, 11b-32

Grace United Church