Fundraising Committee Annual Report!

Fundraising Committee Report 2012:

Our committee puts the FUN in fundraising!  We are so pleased with the support and response of Grace United Church members to the building project and are happy to report that together we have raised over 2.2 million!  Only 1.2 million to go! Most of the money has come from donation and pledges.  We have also added to the total through various fundraising activities such as:

  • ·      Selling Co-op and Sobey’s Gift cards.  In 2012, we raised $30,000 through the sale of grocery cards. That is amazing!  Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support our sales.
  • ·      Women’s night
  • ·      Pancake brunches.
  • ·      Il Duo Concert.
  • ·      Gala Evening.

We would also like to acknowledge:

  • ·      Diane Strickland for her advice and expertise.  She has helped us with our themes, words and fundraising ideas.
  • ·      Joel Den Haan for his advice and being a great sounding board.  He has helped us with funding options,  crossing Ts and dotting I’s!
  • ·      Michelle Lake for creating our beautiful Grace and Hope trees. They really focused our efforts and added a beautiful visual that we can all rally around.
  • ·      Mary Laursen for all of her administrative support!
Grace United Church