Good Friday March 29, 2013

Grace United Church

Good Friday

March 29, 2013


Blessed be the name of the Lord Our God.

Who redeems us from sin and death.

For us and for the salvation of all,

Christ became obedient unto death, even death on a cross.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Hymn: VU# 135 “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”

Prayer: (All)

God of passionate and vulnerable love, 

whose body, broken on the cross

         Rebukes us still:

Save us, hold us, and forgive us, 

that you as victor and victim

         might lead us from death to life;

Through Jesus, the Crucified.



Reading:   Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12

Psalm 22:1-18 (VU p. 744)

Reading: John 18:1- 18:27 

Hymn:  VU# 133 “Go To Dark Gethsemane”

Reading: John 18:28- 19:16a

Solo:  Jeanne Smith (with choir)

                   “What Kind of Man Is This?”

                           Words and music - Dallas Holm

Reading:  John 19:16b- 19:42

Hymn: VU# 144 “Were You There” 

Reflection:  “Where are You in this Picture?”

Hymn:  VU# 149 “When I Survey”

Prayers And the Lord’s Prayer

Solo:  “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked” 

Jason Barnsley

                  Words:  Darriel S. Twohig;  music: Geoffrey O’hara



Grace United Church