Sunday May 26, 2013 Trinity Sunday

Sunday  May 26, 2013

Trinity   Sunday

(The third Sunday of the new experience)

God Invites Us to Worship


Life and Work of the Church Family

Pass The Peace

Invitation to Worship:         (Lighting of the Christ Candle)

Hymn: VU# 217 “All Creatures of Our God and King”

Gathering Prayer

O Holy God, we come as people on a journey, unsure what we will encounter, yet hopeful we will find you.

We come as people searching, for guidance, for purpose, for inspiration.

We come as people open; listening for a word, praying for direction, seeking the spirit that will show us the way ahead,  the way of discipleship, the way of life.

Loving God hear our prayers,

Generous God receive our gifts,

Compassionate God hold our lives,

Guiding God, watch our footsteps,

Eternal God be with us always.      AMEN.

Children’s Time

Hymn:  VU#226 “For the Beauty of the Earth”

The Scriptures Speak to Us

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31

Psalm 8    (VU p. 730-732)

Romans 5:1-5

John 16:12-15


                  This is a Part of Our Story

                  Thanks be to God

Choir Anthem:  "Grateful"   

 words and music  - Tom Tamaszek

Sermon:   “Where On Earth Do We Find God? ”  

Hymn:  VU# 79 “Spirit Open My Heart”

God Invites Us to Respond

Offering Invitation

Presentation of our Gifts:

 Offertory:   "My Spirit"  

              words and music - Gladys Jack

 Offering Response:  VU# 541

         Praise God from whom all blessings flow

         praise God, all creatures high and low;

give thanks to God in love made know;

Creator, Word and Spirit One.

Dedication Prayer

Prayers of The People

Lord’s Prayer

Hymn:  MV# 37 “Each Blade of Grass”

     Circle of God

Commissioning and Benediction

Amen! Amen!

Hallelujah, amen!

Grace United Church