The 2013 Fair Booth Committee are Up & Running…

The 2013 Fair Booth Committee are Up & Running

The 2013 Fair Booth Committee have already had one meeting and are up & running, preparing for another successful Fair Booth Season!  We still have an opening for a CPCA Finals Convenor, so if you are interested, please give Marilyn McAllister a call at 780-875-4383 or 780-808-4245.

The Lloydminster Exhibition Colonial Days are July 10 – 13, 2013, and the CPCA Finals are August 14 – 18, 2013.  Please mark these dates on your calendar, and be ready to say “Yes” to some shifts when Gwen Mohrbutter calls.

Another important detail to Colonial Days are the new gate passes.  This is the 2nd year for them, so hopefully some kinks have been ironed out.  The Fair Booth costs for the gate passes have increased to $8 per 1-day pass, and $30 per 4-day pass.  The gate people will keep the 1-day passes and provide you with a stamp.  With this being said, there is a concern about the number of passes being purchased and not being used.  These passes are our way of saying “Thank You” to our volunteers for helping the Fair Booth Committee raise a substantial amount of money for the Church.  When they are not picked up at the Church, or our volunteers just decide to pay themselves at the gate, thinking they are saving the Fair Booth Committee, we lose out, as we have already purchased these passes.  We ask that when Gwen calls you to work a shift or two, if you don’t want a pass, please let her know.  We will gladly provide passes, but when we pay for unused passes, our donation to the Church is reduced.

Again…Mark your calendars for July 10-13 & August 14-18!  See you at the Fair!!

Grace United Church