2013 Fair Booth Committee Update…

2013 Fair Booth Committee Update

The Lloydminster Exhibition is fast approaching ~ July 10-13, 2013…less than 6 weeks away!  Soon…it will be time for you to step up to help us carry out this very lucrative venture.

The following excerpt is taken from a previous year’s Fair Booth Presentation, and we thought it was a very fitting way to remind our congregation of how you can help with your time and your talent, regardless your age or gender.

 “The next time word hits that the booth needs help, remember how much

money is raised by this project and look for ways that you can contribute. 

People are needed for spring cleaning, maintenance, joining the Committee,

convening and other preparations, to say nothing of working shifts at the booth

for the 2 events.  Please look for a way that you can use one or more of your

talents to ensure that this very viable booth continues to flourish.  If you already contribute, don’t stop…look how well it’s working!!

This seems to be the year of changes at Grace United!  Through our meeting discussions, we have changed up a few of the shifts, added some new menu items, and have some maintenance projects in the works. The passes are getting more expensive, so we have been brainstorming to ensure that the passes that we purchase are being picked up and used.  These are all little tweeks that will hopefully make our Fair Booth run more efficiently, resulting with an awesome donation to the Church. 

Please say “Yes” when Gwen Mohrbutter calls for shift workers, or when Becky Schille calls needing help with the cleaning, or when Sherlane Phillips calls for Popcorn & Grandstand help, or when Jim Nichols & Brian Robinson need help with maintenance projects at the booth.  If we all work together…we will have a great time and your heart will be happy, just knowing you made a difference!

Grace United Church