Fair Booth Passes

Fair Booth Passes

I am new to the phoning duties for the Fair Booth, and forgot to mention the admission passes.  Please reply as soon as you can to myself (only) Marilyn McAllister (780-875-4383), not to everyone.

In the past, the fair booth purchased passes for every volunteer, and if passes weren't picked up, we could return them to the Exhibition for a refund.  Last year they started using a new ticketing system, and they will no longer issue a refund for us - so we need to know if people are requiring passes.  We have a lot of people that do not pick up passes at the church, and that's wonderful for us, but we won't be able to return the unused passes this year.  This year we have cut the nuimber of volunteer shifts to 183, and that will cost the Fair Booth $1464.00

Please let me know if you are wanting passes for the fair, and we will have them at the Church House for pick up - when they are available.  If you do not want a pass, please let us know as well.

Also, we do get a discount on these passes, and if you would like to pick one up at the church, and pay for it - that's great too.  But we do need to know that you require it.   We pay $8.00 instead of $12.00 that is charged at the gate.

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