An Update on the Grace United Church Future Development Building Plan

An Update on  the Grace United Church Future Development Building Plan

as of July 25th, 2013.

Past events

On June 16th, 2013 the Defining and Designing Committee reported to the Grace congregation at Sunday worship that the cost of our project from Del-Nor Construction was far higher than we had budgeted, and that we had cancelled our contract and had stepped back to look at our options.

On June 23 the D & D Committee convened an informal meeting after church to report more fully and entertain feedback from members of the congregation.

 On July 3 with the help of Gary and Marilyn Young, the co-chairs of the D & D Committee convened a meeting,  with our architect, the trustees, and some members and friends of Grace Church associated with the construction business.  The goal was to get advice on the Future Development Building Project.  There was no  consensus on whether our cost estimates are realistic in a busy Lloydminster building climate.  There were strong suggestions that some design modifications would make it easier to build our building within our budget.

The D & D Committee met once more on July 8 to look at design modifications that might be acceptable to the congregation, as well as discuss approaching potential project managers to lead the next phase of trades tendering and of construction. 

Happily, in the midst of all this the removal of asbestos insulation (which took longer than anticipated) was completed, inspected, and approved. 

At Present

Currently we are waiting to talk with George Berry about floor plans for possible design changes, and suggestions for project managers.  We are continuing to work with our budget to determine what reliable numbers look like, and what options we have for  construction timelines.  Those conversations should take place during the week of July 29th.

Next Steps

Once the D & D Committee has had a chance to explore some design options and the related cost reductions with our architects, we will be sharing this information with the entire congregation.  We hope to be able to do this sometime in August.

In the meantime we are enjoying sharing summer worship with the Knox Presbyterian Church, our summer weddings have been well accommodated, and we have found space for the Life Celebrations (funerals and lunches) we have shared.

Please let us know how you prefer to receive these updates: email;  Sunday bulletin; website; facebook; regular mail; or other.  Please feel free to contact Morris Smith, or Garry Cunningham for further information.

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