Grace United Church Building Project Update August 11, 2013

Grace United Church Building Project Update August 11, 2013

Dear Grace friends,
Your D and D Committee met this week (Friday) to review developments related to our building project and to discuss worship-related implications and options.  In an effort to keep our entire church family informed, it has been suggested we initiate a regular communication update using email, our website and, of course, Sunday morning messages.  Please share these communications with your Grace neighbours and friends who may be interested but who cannot receive these communications directly.

Friday, August 9:

The D and D Committee met again with our architect to review major aspects of the project.  There is consensus that the current design cannot be built in the current construction environment for the congregation's established budget.  Our architect and his staff and consultants continue to do additional cost analysis on the project as designed, but they are also working on several design modifications that could involve major changes to each of the three building levels.  

The Committee is optimistic that by planning for more multipurpose space, we can reduce the size and cost of the new building without compromising our aspirations for a quality facility.  But without better costing information it is not possible to make informed decisions as to which and how many of the design change ideas will need to be incorporated.  Be assured that the congregation will have an opportunity to consider and ultimately approve any major design changes!

While it is no longer feasible to contemplate having the new facility "closed-in"  before winter,  demolition and foundation work is still a possibility this fall.  But if not, then we will plan for a construction start early in 2014.

Our architects and representatives of the D and D Committee will be meeting with a major Western Canadian construction company next week to further explore interest it has shown in our project.  Other construction companies are also being contacted as to their possible interest.  

Now that fall is approaching, worship arrangements for the fall and winter need to be taken.  Central Board together with the  Worship and Christian Development Committees and our ministry staff will be involved in discussions and decisions on our options.  (We are so fortunate to have several options!)  Stay tuned!    

The next D and D Committee meeting has been set for August 19 after which we hope to have more information to share.

Yours truly,

Your D and D Committee.

Grace United Church