Sunday September 8, 2013 Sacrament of Communion

Sunday  September 8,  2013

Sacrament of Communion

Sunday School Kick-off

God Invites Us to Worship


Life and Work of the Church Family

Pass The Peace

Invitation to Worship: (Candle lighting)

Hymn: MV #28 "God of the Bible"

Gathering Prayer         (together)

God of summer sunshine and laughter and play,

God of school, and work, and schedule,

God of seed time and harvest,

God of life, and death, and eternal life,

We gather together to praise and pray,

To hear words and offer thanks,

To renew our spirits and focus our lives.

Be in our midst,

In our hope, in our fear,

In our joy and our sorrow,

In our serving and in our creating,

We pray in Jesus name.


Time With the Children

Hymn: VU# 820 “Make a Joyful Noise”

The Scriptures Speak to Us (reader: Alice Robinson)

Jeremiah 18:1-11

Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18  

Choir Anthem: “Sing Unto God”

Luke  14:25-33


                  This is a Part of Our Story

                  Thanks be to God

Sermon:    "How Then Shall We Live?"

God Invites Us to Respond

Offering Invitation

Presentation of our Gifts:

Offering Response: VU# 541

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

praise God, all creatures high and low;

give thanks to God in love made known

Creator, Word and Spirit One.

Dedication Prayer

Celebration of Communion

Hymn VU #467 "One Bread, One Body"

Prayer of Great Thanksgiving

Leader: The Lord is here

People: God's Spirit is with us.

Leader: Lift up your hearts

People: We lift them to God.

Leader: Let us give thanks to the Lord our God

People: It is right to give God thanks and praise.

We praise Jesus that he spent time on earth among us.

He shared our hospitality,

and accepted our gifts of food and drink.

Food was never just food to him, but a sign of

God's love and provision.

When the wine ran out at a wedding,

Jesus turned water into Beaujolais,

and the party went on into the night.

When thousands followed him onto a hillside,

he spoke to their spiritual needs, then addressed their

empty stomachs with  fish and bread.

When he met a tax collector up a tree, he asked the tax

collector to feed him, and the collector discovered

new generosity to others.

At Jesus hands a feast became a parable of God's

kingdom,  and breakfast on the beach an opportunity

for reconciliation.  He took the stuff that sustained our bodies

and used it to point us to the things of God.

Jesus shared meals with proud fools and humble sinners;

there was room for everyone at his table. and there is

room for us as we share a meal with him now.

At the last meal Jesus had before his betrayal,

He gathered with his closest friends,

as he'd done so many times before.

He took the bread and gave thanks

he broke it and shared it as he always did.

But this time, as the bread went round, he said.

'take this bread and eat it, this is my body broken for you.

Whenever you share it, remember me.'

He took the cup of wine, gave thanks and shared it.

As the wine went round, Jesus said, 'drink this, all of you;

this wine is my blood, shed for the forgiveness of sins.

Whenever you share it, remember me.'

So share this food now.  We offer you this bread and wine

as a symbol that we offer our lives to you.  You offer them

back to us, symbols of forgiveness, signed with Holy Spirit.

So gather at this table.

Receive this food, that binds us into community with God,

and with the world.

Drink this wine, that proclaims we are forgiven.

Let us pray for the World and for our community

with which we are united in life and in faith

(Prayers of Intercession will be offered for:

         The Church

         The World

         The local community

         Those who have died, and those left behind to mourn

         All who are sick or in need

         Those for whom prayers have been requested)

These and all our prayers we ask in the name of Jesus who taught his disciples to pray together......

Lord’s Prayer:   (said)

Our Father, who art in heaven; Hallowed be thy name,

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth , as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses,  as we forgive those who trespass against us.   And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:  For thine is the kingdom the power, and the glory forever and ever.  Amen. 

Fraction and Distribution

Leader:  This is the body of Christ

Response:  Amen

Leader:  This is the cup of blessing in Jesus name.

Response:  Amen

Distribution of the Elements

Prayer After communion

We give you thanks O God that you claim us and name us and feed us at this table of Grace. May we be strengthened and inspired to live as your disciples, welcoming, encouraging, lifting up the vulnerable, naming the nameless, and living in your presence always.


Hymn:  MV# 150 “Spirit God Be Our Breath”

Commissioning and Benediction

Amen! Amen!

Hallelujah, Amen




Grace United Church