Grace United Church Future Development Update January 2014

Dear Grace Friends,

About 50 people attended the informational meeting on Monday evening, January 13.  The purpose of the meeting was to share the most recent design ideas and, more importantly, to get feedback on those ideas from the congregation.  Some very tentative and preliminary sketches were shared to illustrate these ideas.  

Getting projected costs down to within "shouting distance" of our hard construction cost target of $3.2M is, of course, driving the re-design. Important in this latest re-design is reusing as much of the structure of the 50th Avenue "office area" as possible and eliminating the requirement for any fire wall separation or sprinkler system. To deal with fire code issues, we are now proposing that the new structure be one-storey thus moving the proposed second storey program space below grade.

Based on the meeting discussion and a "straw vote", those present indicated their support for this approach.  As such the D and D Committee has instructed BAA to proceed immediately with the preparation of detailed drawings.  

Bexson Construction will continue to work with BAA and its consultants to simplify construction as it prepares pricing for the project promised for January 31.  

If you would like a pdf copy of the sketches that were presented, just make a request by return email.  Print copies are also available form the church office.  Please understand that there are many changes and decisions yet to be made but these sketches in their present form do give a sense of the layout being considered.  Questions or comments about the design are invited and most welcome.

The consensus of those present at the meeting was that we have gone as far as we should in trimming back the design. If the project still comes in above our budgeted amount, we will simply have to raise the money necessary!

The D and D Committee appreciates the patience and support of the congregation over the past months.

Yours truly,  

The D and D Committee  

Grace United Church