Lay Worship Leaders Certificate

Lay Worship Leaders Certificate

St. Paul Presbytery is planning to host a Lay Worship Leaders Certificate training program offered by St. Stephen's College.

We are looking for lay members of congregations who do lead worship and would like some more formal structured training, or those who would like to explore whether they have gifts for worship leadership to consider enrolling in this program.

If this invitation is intriguing to you please contact Paul at the church office for more information.

"The office of the preacher is an honored calling within the traditions of the United Church of Canada.  Persons who feel a calling from God to preach stand within the prophetic traditions of the Church and it is therefore a duty of the church to affirm this call and to enable the person who is  called  to be able to be equipped for the ministry of proclaiming the Word of God.   The policy of the UCC does not prohibit anyone from doing occasional pulpit supply in their congregation as the situations and need may warrant it.  However, if an individual is being called upon to preach with any degree of frequency then it would be in that persons best interest to be trained as a LLWL."

Paul N. DuVal 780-870-2059 (cell) or 780-875-8959 (work)

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