Building Project Update

This update is long overdue and for that, we apologize!   

The natural gas fired glycol heaters are operational, providing heat to the sanctuary and later, to the construction area as required.  Until now, temporary electric heating has been used in the sanctuary with propane-fired heaters used for the construction site.  

Work on the project will continue throughout the winter.  Work currently focuses on removing concrete cribbing (forms), installing basement floor weeping tile and grading the aggregate for basement floor so that equipment can be removed from the excavation and the remaining section of the basement wall cribbed and poured.  The rigid insulation and moisture-barrier membrane on the exterior of the concrete walls can then be installed. 

When the floor trusses and sub-floor are installed( hall, kitchen and choir room areas) the excavation can then be backfilled (with gravel aggregate due to cold weather).  This will allow for work to begin on the foundations for the exterior walls of the new structure as well as the installation of a new sanitary sewer and water connection to 50th Avenue.

City leadership was approached during the demolition phase to see if there might be some relief from the land fill fees normally charged for accepting debris from projects such as ours.  We are pleased to advise that, given City Council and administration's desire for and support of downtown redevelopment, it has substantially reduced the land fill fees charged to our project!  

On the funding side, the debenture sub-committee is completing its work on its debenture plan.   The actual promotion and sale of debentures will not occur for several months- until the debenture funds are actually required.

The "Memory Wings" sub-committee is also putting the finishing touches on its project.   Approximately 150 families of former Grace members will be contacted and invited to financially support our project with a memorial donation, honouring their family members who once were active in the life of Grace United.   The honoured family members will be permanently remembered in a "memory book".

And if you could not attend or have not heard, the "Roaring Twenties" gala last Sunday was a huge success.   Thanks so much to Karen, Alison, Brenda, Michele and all the other committee members for a tremendous job well done.  And a special thanks to the musical entertainers, TMB, for their donation of time and talent!  

Any questions or comments?  Don't hesitate to contact any of the Executive members! 

Yours truly,

Garry and Morris, co-chairs

Grace United Church