New Legacy Gift Policy

The LEGACY GIFTS COMMITTEE under the Auspice of the Trustees of Grace United Church, receives LEGACY GIFTS donated to Grace United Church Lloydminster. Grace United Church, Lloydminster is a Member of St. Paul Presbytery, and of Alberta Conference of the United Church of Canada.



1. REACHING UP: Funds for the development & enhancement of Church ministry. For example:

-Youth Ministry

-Leadership courses, training, conferences

-Church related camping

-Educational and theological courses to enhance worship and other programs.

2 . REACHING IN: Funding for special capital projects intended to enhance the functionality of our Church.

3. REACHING OUT: Funding for community and world outreach agencies and programs whose mission and goals are aligned with Grace United  Church and the United Church of Canada. 

Approved: Motion 2014-9, Jan. 29, 2014

The Legacy Gifts Fund will increase as bequests are received and monies will be used for development and enhancement of the ministry of Grace United Church, Lloydminster, rather than for operational requirements. 

Donations of real estate, securities, annuities, or as outlined in your will, can be directed to:

Legacy Gifts

Grace United Church

4708- 50 Ave.

Lloydminster, AB

T9V 0W4

It is recommended that you discuss your gift with your family and with your professional advisors.

Further information can be obtained from:

Chairperson, Legacy Gifts Committee,

Grace United Church,

4708 – 50 Ave.

Lloydminster, T9V  0W4

Download Pamphlet here

Grace United Church