Grace's Blog - June 2014

Hi's me know Grace..the 'Lady' with all the glass. You know where you come to gather and worship.  Now you are getting it. For you folks who might not know me so well I have been hanging around Lloydminster for ooohhh about 110 years in one place or another. But forever now I have been settled  on the corner of 50th avenue and 47th street. Yep that's it and brick. Over the years I may have  welcomed you in to celebrate with blushing brides and handsome grooms as they walked down the aisle to begin their life together, or to shower brides-to-be, or to gather as family and friends to remember a loved one followed by lunch and fellowship in my upper hall, possibly to square dance, have cup of tea, greet spring with a salad smorg luncheon, listen to the Music of Christmas, or maybe a rummage sale, a flea market or HUGE garage sale. In fact, at this moment, there is one of those HUGE  garage sales going on. Hundreds of you have come to take look at all the great stuff and get the best bargain going.

Yep.... you got it in is me, Grace.. glad to see you, just want to fill you in on the exciting happenings that are going on around here. Don't know where to begin .....I mean 2013 was quite a year. Let me try and fill you in. Well January, February, March and April were crazzzzy busy. It all started long ago with someone deciding I wasn't looking like myself anymore...lost my perk....I was falling apart they thought. The fact that my roof leaks here and there seemed to be somewhat disturbing to them. In the end they decided to get rid of all of me except my precious sanctuary and give me a 'building transplant' that will make all the rest of me new and improved. So that meant by May we had to have everything gone. They sold my cupboards, shelves, some of my furniture, they even sold my little pretties ....the stained glass that graced the upper hall. Ooooo boy I hope they are not sitting in some dusty garage but rather enjoying a special spot in the sunshine.  Then the staff said good bye and moved to the house behind the church. All my people went to worship in the hall at Knox. Whoa, some lonely here guys!

Ahh but they couldn't stay away and the transplant team never came together and ...and....and

I am just exhausted trying to tell you all this and if you have read this far I think you might need a break too so let me update you on the big event that is coming in July...that's right...this July at a later date..



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