"Returning to Grace" Planning Committee

 After nearly eight years of planning and building, it is hard to believe we will be re-occupying our sanctuary and some parts of the new facility in about six weeks!  To this end, completion of sanctuary upgrades, the narthex and washroom areas are being given priority by our contractors.   Completion and full occupancy is slated for early 2016.

 Our return to the corner of 47th Street and 50th Avenue presents us with a wonderful opportunity to look at all aspects of who we are as a church.  An opportunity like this only comes along every 40 to 60 years!

 Central Board has created a "Returning to Grace" adhoc planning committee and has asked it to identify and make recommendations on the urgent and important questions related to our return to our old/new church.  The many issues will likely range from "recommending the time of Sunday morning worship" to "what are the unique ways that Grace United can/should serve its community and the world". 

 The deliberations of this committee will end June 30, 2016 with outstanding issues thereafter becoming the responsibility of Central Board, its standing committees and/or the congregation as a whole.

 The intent is that this committee be a mix of regular and not-so-regular attendees on Sunday morning,  “lifers”, people new to Grace and people of all ages.  The only "qualification or expertise" necessary is that committee members have a genuine interest in the future of Grace United.

 If you would like to volunteer for this committee or suggest someone to be invited to join this committee, e-mail us at graceunited.news@gmail.com .  If there is an issue or question that you want addressed by this committee, please be sure to mention it in your email.  


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