Building Project Update

Work continues on the new building but a delay in the delivery of the structural steel has altered work plans and put the project behind schedule. The delays are beyond the control of our contractor and indeed might well have been longer were it not for their experience and expertise.

Work that could have been done later in the project has been completed while awaiting the steel. Hopefully before you get this newsletter, the steel will have arrived.

At a meeting of the congregation on April 12, it approved the extension of the project to incorporate some additional sanctuary upgrades.

This formal approval was required because the initial scope of the project did not include discretionary sanctuary upgrades. The additional work, estimated to cost up to $80,000, will be funded from the Capital Reserve Fund rather than from donations to the Building Fund.

Other building project information:

1. Bexson Construction has provided a credit of $12,000 to Grace United for

cleaning the mortar from the salvaged bricks being re-used in the new facility.

Twenty-three people gathered at the Weaver farm on Tuesday April 21 and, in

about two hours, cleaned and stacked over 2500 bricks! While the crew was

exceptional, it must be said that Bexson Construction removed a lot of the mortar

during demolition making our cleanup much easier than it might have been.

2. The chancel area (raised area at the front of the sanctuary) has been

enlarged and reshaped. This work was done now so that it is ready for the

installation of new flooring in the sanctuary later in the project.

3. Plans are nearly complete for the replacement of the east-facing window

in the balcony. The existing wood-frame window has served well since 1961 but has

deteriorated beyond repair. The construction budget includes a $20,000

allowance to do this work unless other funding can be arranged.

Project Funding Update:

As of April 30, funds received toward the building project total $2,495,619. This amount includes

payments towards pledges, bequests and “raised” and donated funds. It also

includes accrued interest on these funds but does not include moneys such as the

Capital Reserve Fund that will be used to fund upgrades to the sanctuary.

Get your Debentures Now With the erection of structural steel and

the pace of construction picking up, our monthly payments to our contractor will soon

be increasing significantly. It will not be too long before we will need to use debenture

funds to make our monthly payments!

Thanks to the work of Ken Kay, Doug Gilby, Vic Juba, Mel Wells and others, the

debenture program has been finalized.

Debentures can now be purchased. If you have decided to purchase or if

you would like more information before deciding, you are invited to contact Ken Kay,

Vic Juba, Doug Gilby, Morris Smith or the church office.

(Design for balcony window)

Grace United Church