The following are all the #LoveWins posts that are documenting the positive steps that the United Church has taken towards equality and inclusion over the past 60 plus years.  We wanted to document these as we work to become an affirming church! 

February 21

The United Church has a heritage of radical openness, of being inclusive of people in our church family despite significant disagreement. #LoveWins

February 28

The United Church is different from other churches in Canada. It was incorporated by a legal act of the Canadian Parliament. It combines at least four theological streams Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregationalists, and Evangelical Brethren, and it also has a structure that is different from most of our brother and sister churches. #LoveWins

March 6

One of the tools brought to us by our Methodist forebears in our foundation is John Wesley’s quadrilateral for decision making: scripture, tradition, experience and reason. The Bible – both testaments – is the source of God’s truth. But tradition, experience and reason help s interpret scripture and reveal the truth. #LoveWins

March 13

Women were given the right to vote in 1917 but were not yet “persons” equal to men. In 1929, women were declared persons. In 1936 the United Church ordained Lydia Gruchy; she was among the first women ministers of major denominations in North America. #LoveWins

March 20

Women served in the 2nd world war and those who remained in Canada took on roles formerly reserved for men. After the war, a United Church General Council Report (1946) on Christian Marriage and Christian Home, provided a new interpretation of Genesis. It declared that the Genesis story is about equal companionship, not dominance of one over another. The United Church of Canada was called to be a community of equality. #LoveWins

March 27

In 1950, the Canadian Government began screening employees in order to remove all homosexuals. Around the same time, Jim Egan becomes the first activist calling for changes in anti-homosexual laws. #LoveWins

April 3

In the 1950’s the Government amended the Canadian Immigration Act to prohibit foreign homosexuals from entering Canada. In 1977, the Canadian Parliament removes this prohibition. #LoveWins

April 10

In major reports to United Church’s General Council in 1960 and 1962, the commission on Marriage and Divorce described marriage as a mutual relationship. They defined marriage as “an intimate personal union to which a man and woman consent. Marriage is also a social institution recognized and regulated by the laws and customs which a society develops in order to safeguard it’s own continuity and welfare.” Meaning marriage evolves as society evolves. #LoveWins

April 17

The 1960 and 1962, the United Church’s General Councils reaffirmed that sexual union is not for procreation only. “The sexual act which consummated marriage is an expression of mutual love; it partakes of the nature of creation for the marriage union, and is for the perfecting of husband and wife, quite apart from its relation to procreation.” The same report supported birth control. While the report rejected homosexual activity as sin, it did called for attitudes of fairness “untinged with prejudice and always charitable,” towards homosexual people. #LoveWins