Alcohol Use on Grace United Church Property

Consultation re: Alcohol Use on Grace United Church Property

Current Church Policy

Grace United Church has not permitted the use of alcohol on its premises since its founding.  However, in recent years, Central Board has approved the serving of wine on an “event-by-event basis” for church sponsored events held in community facilities.

The United Church of Canada’s policy states: “The United Church’s General Council will not determine the use of alcohol in local congregations—that remains the decision of the local church”.  At Grace United, that decision-making falls to Central Board.

One of the duties of the Property and Maintenance Committee is to “to recommend to Central Board policies related to the use of the church facilities…”

Why Consider an Alcohol Use Policy Now?

Our new facility is intended to serve the wider community, not just our congregation.  The location, accessibility and functionality of our new hall make it an attractive rental facility for a variety of community groups and individuals. 

The church office is receiving inquiries from organizations and groups wondering if they would be permitted to serve alcohol if they were to rent our hall.

Culture of Alcohol Use in the Community

The use of alcohol in Canada enjoys broad social acceptance. Indeed, several United Church congregations have now developed policies that permit limited alcohol use on their premises.

The use of alcohol also enjoys broad acceptance in our community but its use varies widely from total abstinence to serious dependence and addiction.


Can/should Grace United Church develop a policy that will permit the serving of alcohol in its facility?

Central Board has asked the Property and Maintenance Committee to prepare a draft policy related to the use or non-use of alcohol in our hall by prospective user-groups. 

The Committee very much wants to consider the range of opinions in the congregation.

If you or your church group have opinions or have suggestions as to the issues that a policy should cover, we very much want to hear from you!  Please speak with or contact Les Ellis at (780) 871-1321 or or Morris Smith at (306) 821-6617 or if you would like to participate in the discussion!