Casino Information


It appears that there is an application for a casino to be built in Lloydminster. The City of Lloydminster will be receiving feedback for a zoning bylaw over the next week.

“Comments were to be passed on to Roxanne Shortt, at the City Operations Centre (6623-52 Street), by phone (780-874-3700, Ext. 2608) or by email (  By the way, if she gets no or few voices in opposition, then she will advise City Council accordingly, and we will have lost our chance to say something." 

Since some of our members may have strong opinions on this proposal, it would be good to have your voice heard. There is also a movement afoot to contact City Councillors directly asking that the decision be deferred until after the fall election so a plebiscite can be held and every resident be able to vote.

"The recommendation I had from a few influential voices in our community, who feel similar to most of us, was to email each of the Councillors with the request that this go to referendum on the Oct. 26 municipal election, thus giving the people a chance for their voice to be heard." If congregants respond like this, we may have enough of a voice to push off an immediate decision.