Camp Whitney Wish List

Camp Whitney 2016 Wish List

  • NEW Medium duty generator (1200 -2400 W) on wheels
  • NEW standard drip coffee maker 12 cup
  • Plastic glasses (8-12 oz), 60-100
  • Basic tools
  • Locking tool box
  • Mattresses cover cot size
  • Wood for decking (not scraps), green treated for household use
  • New 30 cup coffee urn
  • Good quality drawer chests (for cabins, 24-36 inches wide, up to 30" high)
  • Area rugs in GOOD quality, 5-8 feet wide, by 7-12 feet long
  • And….. we collect Canadian Tire Money!!

Food Donations:

We do appreciate generosity, and donations of food times can keep the bills down.

We are however required to operate under the following stipulations:

  • Meat products (beef, chicken pork, unprocessed) must be frozen with all ingredients listed and prepared or packaged in a commercial facility.
  • Canned goods such as beans, low sodium pasta sauces, fruit juices are acceptable
  • Dried goods such as pastas, flour pancake mixes in original packages
  • Baked goods only if ingredients listed, and prepared in a commercial certified facility
  • Bulk, peanut free candy

With all food donations please call ahead to make arrangements with the camp Director Adrienne Christopherson at 403-975-1348 one week prior to donation.

Donations will only be accepted on Sunday afternoon between 2 and 4 PM. For health reasons we reserve the right to refuse any food donations which do meet camp criteria.

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