New Communications Team


At our August 21st meeting, the Central Board approved two recommendations regarding communication within Grace United Church.


The first was an approval of an overall communications plan. This included retaining Dorothy Long (Sandercock) and her company Blue Sky Ideas as our communications and marketing consultant.

The second was to approve Alison Weaver as our Communications Coordinator. Our first thought was to have this as a paid part time position. Alison has agreed to do this on a volunteer basis to get things started. Thanks to Alison for doing this.

Grace United is becoming busier and busier. Some things are changing, and it is important that the congregation knows what is happening. Some people get their information either verbally at Sunday worship, or through the written bulletin. More and more people are getting their information about Grace United on line.

I think our Sunday worshipers and larger community need to be informed on a consistent and timely basis. We are asking, therefore, that people submit their announcements and events through the Grace United Church website. If you need assistance, either Alison Weaver ( or Dorothy Long (Sandercock) ( can assist you. Your information will then be included in the weekly bulletin, our website, Facebook, and perhaps some other social media sites.

As always, please call if you would like to discuss any of this.

Darrel Howell, Central Board Chair