Grace United Church Building Fund

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Recognizing our Roots . . . . .  

Immigration Hall 1904–1906:  The log church built in 1904 for the Anglicans was filled
to capacity, so the congregations of Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists met in the
Immigration Hall.  

Wesleyn Methodist Church 1906–1925:    During the ministry of Rev. Naylor the first Methodist Church was built.  The ‘little whitechurch’ as it was fondly called was unique in that it had a sloping floor and plasterfinished walls.  Both of which were unusual at the time.

Grace United Church 1925–1949: The name ‘Grace Church’ was not applied until 1920 and on March 8, 1925 it was named Grace United Church.

Grace United Church 1949–1961:  By 1946 it was evident that the congregation had
outgrown the church.  The basement of what is now the church hall was ready by 1949.  
The upper hall was completed and dedicated in March 1950.

Grace United Church 1961–Present:  In 1957 it was decided that a program to enlarge
and rebuild the church was necessary.  On October 22, 1961 the present church was
dedicated following the completion of a $140,000 construction project.  In 1981 more
renovations were made including another office, doubling the narthex and adding a three-
story structure for Sunday school rooms and choir room below.  In 1995 the new roofline
was added to the front of the church over the meeting room and narthex.

Growing for the Future . . . . .  

Once again we have outgrown our space and need to expand and change for the needs of
our church family.  We are working on the plans and can’t wait to share them with you!  
This is an exciting time that we will be able to reflect and talk about for years to come.

How you can help!

1.  Volunteer
Getting involved is one of the best ways to contribute to our goal.  Whether it’s
donating something to the Time and Talent Auction or helping with one of our future
fundraisers – we need your help to make this happen!  Besides, it will be fun too!
2.  Get Excited!
This is the kind of project and positive change that comes once in a lifetime and it
is so exciting to be a part of it!  We need your help to build the buzz!  Enthusiasm is
contagious so the more we talk about it the more people will jump on board.

3.  Donate!

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help us reach our goal!  Make a
pledge to build a new home for our Christian family and create an exciting new future for
our church!
For more information on how you can get involved give one of us a call!
Becky Schille (780) 808-8775  Alison Weaver (780) 875-7702
Len Long  (306) 387-6878   Dorothy Sandercock  (306) 387-6743


The only way to achieve a goal is to know what that goal is.  No matter how large
or small a donation is, they are equally important.  Let’s work together – everyone in our
church family – to meet the goal of $3,000,000 by June 2012!
September 2011   - - - - -   Official Launch!
December 2011    - - - - - $1,000,000
March 2012   - - - - -    $2,000,000
June 2012    - - - - -  $3,000,000 

Donation Examples

If you want to give to this project but aren’t sure how here are some examples!
$25/month for 1 year = $300 Commit to 5 years and it becomes a final pledge of $1,500
If 40 families commit to this, their combined pledge would be $60,000!
$100/month for 1 year = $1,200 Commit to 5 years and the final pledge would be $6,000
If 30 families commit to this, their combined pledge would be $180,000!
$2,500 twice a year = $5,000 Commit to 5 years and the final pledge would be $25,000
If 20 families commit to this, their combined pledge would be $500,000!

$10,000/year with a 5 year commitment would grow into a final pledge of $50,000
If 10 families commit to this, their combined contribution would be $500,000!

Total these examples together and this is one way that 100 members of our church
family can raise $1,240,000 with their pledges!  Together we can reach incredible goals!  
You can give a one time donation or span it over 1-5 years. Every pledge, regardless of
how it is done, helps us to reach our final goal of $3,000,000!
Another example of how to pledge is with estate planning.  Grace United is
currently the recipient of two legacy gifts.  The building fund will be the recipient of part
of these gifts.  If you are interested in learning more about estate planning and legacy
gifts plan to attend the workshop on Legacy giving with Kathryn Hofley, financial
development officer with the United Church Canada.  This will be held in the upper hall
on October 25 from 3:00 – 4:30. Private sessions with Kathryn  
will be available on request.