For the past several months we have been introducing the subject of Planned Giving to our congregation.  We were fortunate to have Kathryn Hofley, a Gift Planner from the National Office, come to Lloydminster to enlighten us on this subject.  She is a recognized authority on the subject and is prepared to consult with any member, any time, who is wanting to know more about how to support the church with a “planned gift”.

We know that people give to their church for a variety of reasons whether it is to advance the ministry of the Church, assist others through outreach programs or grow their own Church. When they do, they deserve to know how their gift will be used and how the gifted funds will administered by the church.  A Legacy Giving Policy does that.  Such a policy is currently being drafted and when adopted by the congregation, will define how such gifts are to be received and invested and the procedures to be followed for the use of these funds. 

Copies of the draft policy are now available at the Church Office.  The intent is that this draft policy will be formally presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting for discussion and approval.

The work of Vic Juba, Marilyn Young and Jo-Anne Locke in preparing the draft Policy is most appreciated.

Grace United Church