Congregational Meeting on January 15th - JNAC and Legacy Giving Policy...

A congregational meeting will be held on Sunday, January 15th after church time – time to be announced.

Mark your calendars to attend this meeting as four very important issues will be discussed.

  1. Presentation of JNAC report to search for minister can be started.
  2. Presentation of Legacy Giving Policy.
  3. Presentation of motion from CB to alloca $750,000.00 from D. Jones Estate to Building Fund.
  4. Items regarding purchase of property next door.


Draft Legacy Giving Policy available for review.

Here is the final version of the Joint Needs Assessment Report, as approved by the Central Board on January 6th.  Also, attached the JNAC form.  We will need to complete Part E at the congregational meeting. The form and report can then be passed on to Presbytery for their review and approval.