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April 2012

Grace United Church

Grace United Church presents:

A dynamic musical comedy group

Sunday, April 29 from
7:00 to 9:00 pm at
Grace United Church
4708-50th Avenue,
Lloydminster, AB
Join us for an evening of music and laughs

IL DUO is a dynamic musical comedy group in the style of Smothers Brothers and other comedy duos. Their brand of musical silliness leaves no note unsung and no heartstring un- plucked! IL Duo has been stunning audiences since early 2010, and plans to stun the rest of the world very soon. This zany live theatre performance has broad mass appeal and leaves its audiences rolling in the aisles with a healthy dose of audience participation and some unexpected takes on some well known and beloved pop songs.

"It may be difficult to believe, but there is a chance during this 60-minute musical comedy you will laugh till you cry at a grown man singing like a cat in heat....the two tenors of Il Duo are so appealing they can get audience members to do almost anything!" - Margo Goodhand - Winnipeg Free Press - Four Stars (Winnipeg Fringe Festival Review 2011)

Local musicians will warm up the audience and we will be serving cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries at intermission! Tickets available from Allison Weaver (875- 7702), Becky Schille (808-8775), Karen Ollen (825-2976), Dorothy Sandercock (387-6743), Len Long (387-6878) and Brenda Manners (825-4126). Hope to see you there!

Building Project Update

There have been a number of conference calls, meetings and discussions since the January weekend 3D event that was facilitated by Rev. Joel den Haan and

Rev. Diane Strickland. In their written report following the event, they made four recommendations for further consideration by Central Board.

Making certain that our new facility is consistent with our vision of what it means to be a Christian church in the 21st century was their primary recommendation. To illustrate, some new church facilities in urban centres are partnerships between the congregation and organizations with compatible objectives. The advise to “build a church for 2025 not 1985” was not lost on the people who attended the January event.

Rev. Paul DuVal, Conference resource staff member, facilitated a meeting in March at which the importance of Lloydminster-specific “Environics” data was related to the mission of Grace United Church. Anyone who is interested in learning more about this information or would like to participate in these discussions is welcome to attend a follow up meeting. No date/time for this meeting has been set.

At the congregational annual meeting, the concept of a new, broadly representative committee with overall leadership responsibility for this project was endorsed. It has been dubbed the “D and D” Committee taking its name from the “Define and Design” 3D event held in January. Central Board will be asked to approve the mandate and operation of this committee at its April meeting.

Laying the groundwork for future construction is proceeding even though the eventual design of the new building is far from finalized. For example, structural, mechanical and electrical information is being gathered and will be forwarded to architectural firms who may be interested in working with our congregation. Conversations have occurred with officials with the City of Lloydminster and with key people familiar with the local construction scene.

And of course, the Fund Raising Committee continues its work to make certain that the funds will be available to make the project “a go”.

It is our hope that by early summer, we will know if the required funds can be raised
and whether there are community
organizations that might be

project partners. Preliminary
design work could begin in the
fall. IF no serious setbacks occur, a 2013 construction start-date is not impossible.

Joint Search Committee Update

We are making progress.

  •   Advertisements have been placed on the

    United Church website, and in the Observer.

  •   We have received some promising applications

    and are expecting more before our close date

    of April 30th.

  •   We have also contacted a number of potential

    applicants, and that has generated some


  •   We are meeting this month to finalize the

    selection criteria. We will then meet early in May to review the applicants, and set up interviews with our preferred candidates.

    Your Joint Search Committee: Lois Burwash (Presbytery), Brenda Ellison, Judy Frey (Presbytery), Darrel Howell (Chair), Len Long, Loretta Mitchell, Garnet Weaver , Marilyn Young


    Thurs, May 10 (11 am – 1 pm) Our very popular Spring Salad Smorg takes

    place on Thurs, May 10. If you can donate food, assist with serving or clean up or if you wish to purchase tickets, call Mary at the Church office at 780.875.8959.

    Tickets ($10/each) – be sure to get them early to avoid disappointment.

    Fair Booth Update

    The fair booth committee is organizing for another successful year of fellowship and stewardship for our church. The Fair booth is not only our largest fundraiser but also our most important fellowship activity!

    The Committee is in process of looking for new members for the committee and for a new Fair Booth Convener. One person or a couple of people sharing can do the Convener’s job. Karen Ollen who has been Convener for many years has created a manual for the job. She is willing to help the person who takes over her position.

    We are also looking for someone to head up the pie-­‐making effort for the fair booth. The pies are made at the church, frozen and brought to the

    booth as needed during the fair.
    A meeting is being arranged to make plans for this

    year. Anyone who is interested in the Fair Booth or who would like to help brain storm ideas for the fair booth is welcome and invited. The meeting will be Monday May 7 at 7:00 at the church.

My Journey into Ministry

My Discernment Committee completed its responsibilities in October 2011. It recommended to St. Paul Presbytery that I be approved for admittance to the Lay Diaconal Ministry program. Presbytery accepted this recommendation and in turn, forwarded the recommendation to Alberta Northwest Conference I will have an ANW Conference interview in Calgary in April and if accepted, will begin my studies in the summer. Lots of hoops and red tape!

This four-year program is offered in Winnipeg at the Centre for Christian Studies and uses a “learning circle” approach. I will go to school for two weeks, twice a year, and will do distance education throughout the year while working in the community.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work at our church and have the experience of working with everyone. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and prayers for my journey.

Blessings, Joyce Dickson

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship committee continues to help our Grace family better understand the monetary and service needs of the congregation and the wider church so that each person will appreciate the importance of sharing their gifts and talents with others.

John Mitio was privileged to attend the Kananaskis Stewardship Event from April 12 – April 14. The theme speakers were Chad Meyer and his partner Elaine Enns. They focused on Sabbath Economics. Other workshops included Best Practices on the Ground, Stewardship at the Edge, and Preaching Stewardship Effectively. We will hopefully be implementing some new ideas in the near future, so stay tuned!!

Stewardship is a small committee consisting of Marilyn Young and John Mitio. We would appreciate anyone who
would like to share their time and
talents with the Stewardship

Respectfully submitted. John Mitio


Grace United Church Tuesday, MAY 1 (2 – 7 pm) Wednesday, MAY 2 (10 am -7 pm) Thursday, MAY 3 (10 am – 2 pm)

Donations of clean, miscellaneous household items, kitchen items, books and furniture are welcome. Clothing may also be

donated provided articles
are seasonable and up to date. (No
shoes or boots).

If you wish to have your items picked up on Monday April 30, please call and leave your name at the church office at 780-875-8959. The preferred date for dropping off donations for the Garage Sale is Monday, April 30.

Men & women are needed to set up for the

sale on Monday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m. We also welcome the assistance of any women of the church not currently a member of the UCW. If you can help out for a few hours, please call Mary at the office 875-8959.

Hello from Finance Committee

As presented at our Annual Meeting, our 2011 income exceeded our expenses by $35,325. Total General revenue received was $278,279 exceeding the budgeted amount of $262,212. General Operating Expenses totaled $242,954. This positive financial picture for 2011 is a direct result of congregation support and commitment.

Our 2012 budget anticipates expenditures of $304,097. We have budgeted for total income for 2012 to be $270,400. Should actual expenses and income be as projected, we will draw on our previous year’s surplus to cover any operating shortfall in 2012.

To the end of February, 2012 our total revenue is $34,424 and our general expenses total $65,837. This deficit in the first months of the year is normal and is created by paying some annual commitments in January each year.

We are very proud to support the work of the Church and sincerely thank you, our congregation for your dedication to the mission of Grace United!

Submitted by: Jo-Anne Locke

Christian Development


Our committee - Sheila Coulter, Margo Hines, Alison Weaver, and Loretta Mitchell - has now grown to include Barb Holt, Michelle

Lapointe and Jessica Hines as our junior associate member. (Jessica will give us a kid’s perspective.)

We finished 2011 with a successful musical Christmas concert, “Baa Baa Bethlehem” led by the youth/children of our congregation with the performance on Christmas Eve at 3:00. This change of time was much appreciated by all those involved with this production. Thank you to all who participated.

As we have moved from winter to spring our Sunday School classes have remained as two groups. The younger group includes all children past the babyfold age up to grade three. The older group includes all children from grade four up through grade 12. Our average Sunday School attendance is 12 children. Although this number may seem small, on some Sundays we have 20 children and on other Sundays we have 5. As Sunday School teachers, our ladies have been quite adaptable to the varied numbers of children who come on any given Sunday. We continue to use the “Whole People of God” curriculum.

We have now finished our Lenten Project with Easter. Our Mission & Service donations will go to our two projects: A Well for Life in Zambia and Nourishing Artistic Expression to an adult drop-in centre in Ottawa. Thank you to all who have contributed to these two worthy projects.

With May fast approaching we are looking to wind down our Sunday School services for the summer. Our Celebration Sunday will happen on May 13. This will be our Sunday School windup. We invite all children from our church to attend this service and extend an invitation to any of our children who are in grade three to please come and accept your Bible during this time. Please let any of our committee members
know of any grade 3
students from our

Looking Ahead

We are planning Vacation Bible School for the summer. Dates to be announced.

We are planning some kids’/family fun days. Camp Sunday is April 29.

A book club for adults is in the works. April 21 - If any children are able and

willing to go to Vermilion for a day of fun please call Loretta at 306-387-6601

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Textile Art

We are putting together a small group ministry to make new banners for our sanctuary. Our current banners are old and tired and need to be replaced! If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Joyce Dickson at the church office. Previous experience in this form of art is not required.

Great Music on the Internet

Looking for some different music/talk than is available on local AM or FM radio? Then you may want to check out www.LTDRadio.com on the internet.

The “morning person” at ltdradio is our own Colleen Valentine (Gazdewich). Colleen sings in the Grace choir and is a member of the Communications Committee. Earlier in her broadcasting career, she worked at CKSA Radio as an on-air personality.

Good luck Colleen with your new venture!

Scott Manners is Grad Sunday Guest Speaker

Each year, the Worship Committee and parents of Grace United youth currently in Grade 11 organize a special Sunday service to honour the current year's grads.

Following the service there will be a special luncheon for the grads, their friends and their families. While usually held in June, this year Grad Sunday will be Sunday, April 22.

Each year a member of the congregation is invited to be guest speaker for this special service.

This year, we are proud and pleased that our own Scott Manners has accepted the invitation to speak at the Grad service!

Please come and bring your friends on Sunday. It will be a great opportunity for us to hear Scott speak and to collectively express our pride in Scott's curling accomplishments!

Hope to see you at Grace on Sunday!