SEMINAR: Biblical Drumming for Worship Today

SEMINAR: Biblical Drumming for Worship Today
Come learn about this tradition
Come experience playing a frame drum
Come listen for the heartbeat that biblical men, women and children heard- for your personal prayer life and your congregational worship
Grace United Church
Fri. Sept. 28 7pm-9
Sat. Sept. 29  10-4
Sun. Sept. 30   involvement in worship
The workshop has 3 aspects: 1. learning to play the frame drum with jingles. 2. hearing the history of this drum; how it is for public worship not performance ; how it was stripped from the hands of women by church father; how it is now being used in United Church worship services for processions and hymns. 3 coming to understand how this form of drum enriches personal prayer and and group building
Cost: $ 25.00  lunch extra
For info phone Pat Ribey at 306- 825 0112 or e-mail