Co-op Gift Cards

Co-op Gift Cards

 There are still some Co-op gift cards available but after they are gone, we will not be able to sell more until January 2015. The Co-op has implemented some changes in their policy for fundraising and in the future we are only allowed to profit $10,000.00 per year.  That still gives us $100,000.00 of Co-op gift cards to sell every year!

We still have Sobey's cards available. Anyone wanting to purchase Sobey's cards please contact Karen Ollen

 at 306-825-2976.

 Just a reminder that we have an account at the Bea Fisher Bottle Depot.  When you take your bottles in just tell the staff you would like to donate the money to Grace United Church.  They will give you a receipt and a cheque will be sent to the church.

Grace United Church