Meet our staff

Rev. Paul DuVal

The congregation of Grace United Church is pleased to introduce the Rev. Paul DuVal to Lloydminster. Prior to accepting a call to Grace United, Rev. DuVal was a regional consultant for the United Church of Canada in Central Alberta for 13 years.  Prior to that, he served in team ministry at Gaetz United Church in Red Deer from 1988 to 1999 and at Hythe/Clermont (near Grande Prairie) from 1983 to 1988.

Rev. DuVal grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the eldest of six children and traces his ancestry back to the early Selkirk settlers and to early American settlers in Maryland and West Virginia.  He counts a number of Presbyterian and Methodist clergy in his forebears.

Rev. DuVal has three adult daughters, whom he and his then wife adopted as young children from Romania in the early 1990’s.  They now live in Red Deer and Calgary.

While many despair at declining church participation, growing secularization of society and the apparent demise of religious faith,  Rev. DuVal believes that this is a most interesting and exciting time to be a part of the Christian journey.  He believes that the United Church of Canada, which was founded on cooperation and openness to the social change, is ideally suited to play a leading role in the next chapter of the Christian story.

Rev. DuVal comes to Grace United as the congregation embarks on the redevelopment of its current facility.  An architect will begin to work with the congregation this fall to develop plans that will see the current sanctuary retained but much of the remainder of the current facility replaced.

Other Staff:

Office Administrator: Caroline Helmeczi

Envelope Secretary/Treasurer: Wendy Walker

Volunteer Staff:

Music Director: Karen Fawcett

Organist: Irene Knowlson 

Pianist: Lois Sonnega

Sound Tech: Garnet Weaver

Envelope Assistant: Sheila Coulter

Ministers Emeriti: 

Retired Staff Associate: Joyce Carson

Serving the Community: The Congregation