Central Board

The purpose of the Central Board is to coordinate the work of the Pastoral Charge and its Standing Committee.  The responsibilities of Central Board are intended to be similar to those prescribed for the Church Council in The Manual of The United Church of Canada.



Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting, within the Grace family, greater awareness and understanding of the life and work of the congregation of the United Church of Canada.
This committee includes publishing a quarterly newsletter, promoting special events, developing a website for the church and preparing appropriate scrapbooks and albums for archive purposes.

Finance Committee

As defined in the Manual of Administration, the purpose of the Finance Committee is to manage the financial affairs of the Pastoral Charge.  The Finance Committee is to coordinate the church budget based upon the requests of the standing committees and present to Central Board.  The committee communicates the financial position of the Pastoral Charge to Central Board on a monthly basis.

Friendship and Visitation Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting friendship and fellowship within the Grace family as well as providing support and coordinating visitation activities within the congregation.  The Friendship and Visitation Committee arrange for special events, send appropriate cards to congregation members, and support and encourage informal visitations by members of the congregation.

Stewardship Committee

The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to help the Grace family better know the monetary and service needs of the congregation and the wider church so that each person will appreciate the importance of sharing their gifts and talents with others. 

Ministry and Personnel Committee

The M and P Committee is responsible for facilitating the harmonious work of the staff and the congregation.  The Committee provides a liaison function between church staff, members and adherents of the Pastoral Charge.  They consult with staff on a regular basis and provide information to Central Board about any recommendations they may have. 

Legacy Gifts Committee

Legacy Gifts is tasked with overseeing the disbursement of monies arising from planned donations. Grants are available for ministry and worship training, capital projects to enhances our church’s functionality and for outreach programs.


Presbytery Representatives

The purpose of the Presbytery Representatives is to represent the congregation of Grace United Church at all meetings of St. Paul Presbytery.

Nomination and Support Committee

The primary purpose of this committee is to support and enhance the work of the other Standing Committees.  Not only do the committee members identify individuals of the congregation who might be interested in helping with committee activities or serving on a committee, but they also provide support to the committees by acting as a liaison with each of the Standing Committees.

Property and Maintenance Committee

Members of this committee are responsible for the care and maintenance of the church facilities and property.

Church in Society

Church in Society Committee focuses on our Affirming status, Truth and Reconciliation learning opportunities, and when possible, how we might support refugees.  The committee also creates awareness of the Canada Food Grains Bank, local food banks, Mission and Service Fund, support for local people who ask for assistance at our door, and the Transient Aid program carried out in conjunction with other churches.  A new program offered in winter months provides free mittens from a mitten tree. A monthly Book Club has also been initiated.

Christian Development Committee

The main focus of this committee is to plan a Christian Development program for the entire congregation of Grace United Church.  After studying the educational needs of the congregation, the committee provides leadership to all persons by planning program materials and resources for the chruch school at all levels.  This year, the Christian Development Committee along with members of the church community, are designing a new Sunday School curriculum that will be implemented in September.  The program is available for children from ages 2 through to our youth.  They will be using the idea of the Rotation Workshop model and adapting it to suit the needs of our children.  Each unit will run for about six weeks and the children will experience studying a theme from the bible focusing on drama, games, bible skills, cooking, music, videos and art.  Come and join in on the fun!

Worship Committee

This committee works closely with the Ministry Personnel to ensure that meaningful worship opportunities will be provided for the people of the congregation.  As well, the committee, in cooperation with the Ministry staff, arranges for Confirmation classes, special worship services, and arranges for the preparation of the sacraments and all related policies and practices.  The committee members provide support for the Ministry Personnel and also support the ministry of music through the encouragement of Choir directors, organists, and members.