The goal of the Memory Wings Project initiated during our recent building project was three-fold:

·       To permanently remember those people who were the Grace family in years past.

·       To provide families the opportunity to tell the story of their parents and grandparents’ lives and their involvement in Grace United and the United Church of Canada.

·       To invite participation in and financial support for our building project.

 The Memory Wings book, now proudly displayed in the narthex of the new facility, tells the life stories of the many people “upon whose shoulders we stand”.  Total funds contributed to the building fund through the Project exceeded $60,000.

Due to ongoing interest in the project, Central Board has decided that this two-year project should be succeeded by a similar but ongoing initiative of the church. 

A new committee of Central Board has been appointed, the members of which will work with interested families to see that more life-stories are told in a second edition of the Memory Wings book. 

If you or your family would like to know more about the Memory Wings project and/or your family’s interest in participating, please contact the Grace United Church office at (780) 875-8959 or by email at