Music at Grace United has always been an integral part of our worship services and weekly activities. We take pride in offering a variety of musical opportunities for all ages and experience. Our musical style celebrates diversity, blending the tastes, backgrounds, and generations present in our community. Our music groups collaborate a couple of times each year to present music in a concert format. We encourage those with musical interests and talents to join one or more of our groups.



Rehearsal Information:   Before Service, once monthly, Sanctuary

The PickUps is a worship band that once a month helps to lead the music before and during the regular Sunday service.  As the name suggests, these members just pick up their instruments and rehearse before the service. A variety of instruments show up on any given PickUp Sunday (piano, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, drums, guitar, flute, clarinet, hand percussion, ukulele, and vocalists).  

This group welcomes instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages who want to use their talents to praise our maker and who feel comfortable performing.  Interested persons should be able to read music and be able to spend some time rehearsing individually prior to PickUp Sunday.

Contact Person(s):  Brenda Ellison 780-875-9192

Grace Celebration Ringers

Rehearsal Information:  Mondays, 5:30-6:30 PM, Sanctuary

Our handbell choir at Grace rehearses seasonally.  The group performs during services and often with the Senior Choir. This group enjoys presenting music that uplifts, allows reflection, and praises the Maker.  

Members of this group, male or female, must be able to read music (bass or treble clef).  No prior ringing experience is necessary.

Contact Person(s):  Brenda Ellison, 780-875-9192,

      Joan Ellis, 780-871-3521

Grace United Church Senior Choir

Rehearsal Information:  Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 PM, Sanctuary

The Grace United Senior Choir meets once a week from September through to June to prepare music for Sunday worship and special events.  Members of this group are an integral part of our regular worship, leading the congregational singing and presenting an anthem. They participate in two major performances each year, one in December for Christmas, and one, Gospel Night, in June for their year end concert. The choir also sings for community funerals.

A voice that will make a JOYFUL noise to the Lord, a spirit that is joyful, and a love of singing is all one needs to join this group.

Contact Person(s):  Karen Fawcett, 403-853-3482,



Kidz Praize

Rehearsal Information:  Tuesdays after school, 3:45-5:00 PM, Sanctuary/Music Room

Kidz Praize gives children the opportunity to sing praises and glorify God, their Creator, who gave them their voices and created them with so much potential and ability. What better way to thank the maker than to use their talents singing?  Singing builds their confidence as they perform in a group. Children who desire to sing solos or duets can perform before a congregation of non-critical people who love, adore, and encourage them to success.

Kidz Praize welcomes children in grades 1-6, who have a love and desire to sing.  If a child in Kindergarten loves to sing, let’s talk.

Contact Person(s):  Rev. Cathy Kinsman 770-875-9665

Meri-dian Ukuleles

Rehearsal Information: Thursdays, 5:30-7:00 PM, Music Room

The instruction method used for this group is the James Hill Ukulele Program.  The leader, Darrel, has his Level II Instructor certification. This group performs approximately 10-20 times per year, primarily at Senior Lodges, Sunday Services, and Church Concerts.

All ages are welcome to join this group.   Members must have access to a ukulele. Participants would benefit most from the instruction by using a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele tuned D6; however, this group also has C6 tuners, baritone and bass players.  Ability to read music is helpful, but not essential.

Contact Person(s):  D Ho (Darrel Howell), 780-870-1671,